Migrating CatDV Server to replacement server hardware

If you need to move your current CatDV Server and Database as a result of upgrading hardware then it is important to follow these recommended steps

  1. Make sure your new hardware server is installed and running and, where necessary that the appropriate users, permissions etc. have been created
  2. Run the CatDV Server Control Panel on the old hardware
  3. Click on the Stop button in the CatDV Server section to shutdown CatDV Server. Wait until it stops
  4. Select Backup Database… from the Tools menu and follow the instructions to create a complete backup of your existing CatDV database
  5. On the new server hardware install the same CatDV Server version and databse provider that is running on the old hardware – follow these steps
  6. Check you have a fully functioning CatDV Server setup on the new hardware but with an empty database
  7. Restore database from the CatDV Server Control Panel Tools menu and navigate to the database backup created in step 4
  8. Wait for the process to complete
  9. Update CatDV Server Software on the new hardware to the latest release from our downloads page
  10. Decommission old server hardware
  11. Click on the Start button in the CatDV Server panel on the new server and wait for the server to restart
  12. Make sure any IP configuration changes have been made to connecting CatDV Clients and Worker Nodes

You should now see 4 green lights indicating that server has started correctly.

You’re done!

Switching Database Servers as Part of a CatDV Server Upgrade

If you are upgrading your CatDV Server instance to a new version and you also want to switch to another database you must perform the two actions separately:

  1. First – upgrade your existing CatDV Server installation to the new version
  2. Then – when everything is up and running perform the data migration as described above.

Do not attempt to switch database server while you perform the server upgrade.