As well as exporting movies, you can also define a conversion that will extract one or more JPEG still images of the media file.

To export a single still image from each clip you can choose to export either the first frame, the poster frame or the first thumbnail of that clip. There are also options that let you export all the thumbnails of a clip, all the event markers, or all event markers of a particular category. When exporting a single image the name is determined as specified in the file name dropdown, but when exporting multiple images the name is determined automatically by appending an incrementing number to the clip name. When choosing images of a particular marker category the name of that marker category is included in the filename. If you prefix the specified marker category with ‘*’ then the name of the event marker is also included. (For example, if you choose to export markers of category “VIC” the resulting files will have names such as <clipname>-VICnn.jpg, whereas if you specify “*VIC” the files would be called <clipname>-VICnn-<eventname>.jpg). The “HTML Thumbnails” option exports all the thumbnails of a clip using the special naming scheme that CatDV uses when exporting clips as HTML or XML.

The images are always exported as JPEG files but you can define the maximum size (the image will be scaled so it doesn’t exceed the specified size), the compression quality, and whether to preserve any Exif data from the media file.