Check the system requirements then choose the version of CatDV, Pegasus, CatDV Server, Worker Node, or other products you want from the links below.

Pegasus & CatDV 12

Welcome to the official release of CatDV 12.

Download the appropriate version of CatDV for your platform and follow the instructions in the Read Me files. These downloads are the real application and depend on a registration code to function (without a registration CatDV will operate as a free time- and feature-limited demo). Codes are issued on-line once you purchase a license. (Please contact us if you require a fully functional time-limited evaluation license for a more thorough test prior to purchase.)

To use the latest version of CatDV you will normally require a license purchased within the past three months or be under a current software maintenance agreement.

CatDV Pegasus 12.0

CatDVPegasus12.0.2.dmg (Mac OS X) [104 M]
CatDVPegasus12.0.2.exe (Windows) [89 M]

CatDV Pro 12.0 (Professional Edition)

CatDVPro12.0.2.dmg (Mac OS X) [97 M]
CatDVPro12.0.2.exe (Windows) [85 M]

CatDV Pro 12.0 (Standard Edition)

CatDVStd12.0.2.dmg (Mac OS X) [96 M]
CatDVStd12.0.2.exe (Windows) [84 M]

CatDV 12.0 Documentation

You can browse the online help included with the application here:

CatDV 12 Read Me (Release Notes)
CatDV 12 Reference Guide (HTML Manual) [240k]

See also the product manuals in the CatDV Support Pages.

Pegasus & CatDV 11

If necessary you can still download CatDV 11 and Pegasus 11.

CatDV Pegasus 11.1

CatDVPegasus11.1.8.dmg (Mac OS X) [93.0M]
CatDVPegasus11.1.8.exe (Windows) [81.1M]

CatDV Pro 11.1 (Professional Edition)

CatDVPro11.1.8.dmg (Mac OS X) [86.0M]
CatDVPro11.1.8.exe (Windows) [78.3M]

CatDV 11.1 (Standard Edition)

CatDVStd11.1.8.dmg (Mac OS X) [84.2M]
CatDVStd11.1.8.exe (Windows) [76.5M]

CatDV 11.1 Documentation

You can browse the online help included with the application here:

CatDV 11 Read Me (Release Notes)
CatDV 11 Reference Guide (HTML Manual) [240k]

CatDV Server 7.1

For Server 7 please follow this link.

CatDV Server 6.10

If you’re not using Server 7 you can download the latest version of CatDV Server 6.10 below. To use Server 6.10 you require a license purchased after December 2014 or to be under a current software maintenance agreement.

CatDVServer6.10.6.dmg (Mac OS X) [32.2M]
CatDVServer6.10.6.exe (Windows) [29.5M] (Generic Unix/Linux) [29.1M]

Worker Node and Other Downloads

The CatDV Server, Final Cut Server Migration Tool, and the Worker Node, are available to registered users only. Please contact us if you require further information or would like an evaluation copy. Note that the CatDV Server downloads above include both the Workgroup and Enterprise Server editions, the server documentation, and also the Web Client and Live HTML Publisher software.

Please note that for users without a current maintenance support contract, Worker 6.1 is a paid upgrade and you will need a new license code to activate it

CatDVWorker6.1.9.dmg (Mac OS X, Intel) [90M]
CatDVWorker6.1.9.exe (Windows) [75M]
Worker 6.1 Manual (PDF Release Notes)
FCSTool1.1.8.dmg (Mac OS X) [0.9M]
CatDV Advanced Panel for Premiere CC (Mac/Windows) [250K]
CatDV Advanced Panel Release Notes (Release Notes)
CatDV for Tricaster Tricaster [1.5MB]
Consent Plug In Server plug in (Cross Platform)
Amazon S3 Plugin Server plug in (Cross Platform)

Older Versions

If you don’t have a current license or need old versions of CatDV or the server for any other reason you can download them here. These versions are not recommended for most users, please contact if you need further guidance or believe you require other versions not listed here.

CatDVPegasus10.1.3.dmg (Mac OS X, Intel) [19.5M]
CatDVPegasus10.1.3.exe (Windows installer) [15.6M]
CatDVPro10.1.3.dmg (Mac OS X, Intel) [12.6M]
CatDVPro10.1.3.exe (Windows installer) [12.9M]
CatDVStd10.1.3.dmg (Mac OS X, Intel) [11.4M]
CatDVStd10.1.3.exe (Windows installer) [11.7M] (Mac/Windows) [1.5M]
CatDVServer6.9.6.dmg (Mac OS X) [32.2M]
CatDVServer6.9.6.exe (Windows) [29.5M] (Generic Unix/Linux) [29.1M]
Server 6.9 Read Me (Release Notes)
CatDVServer6.8.2.dmg (Mac OS X) [32.2M]
CatDVServer6.8.2.exe (Windows) [29.5M] (Generic Unix/Linux) [29.1M]
CatDVWorker5.1.5.dmg (Mac OS X, Intel) [10M]
CatDVWorker5.1.5.exe (Windows) [10M]
CatDVWorker5.0.8.dmg (Mac OS X, Intel) [10M]
CatDVWorker5.0.8.exe (Windows) [10M]