To aid in testing and managing the database you may also choose to install the CatDV Pro Client Application on the server machine (you would normally install CatDV Pro on client machines as a desktop application). This is optional and is not required for normal operation of the server.

The CatDV Pro client runs on Mac OS X or Windows and needs the following software components:

  • Java 1.6 or 1.7
  • QuickTime

Please visit our download page for more details on the system requirements and to download the CatDV Pro application.

Once you have installed CatDV Pro, launch the application and enter your client license code to activate it. Alternatively, if you are using the CatDV Server as a license server, simply connect to the server to license the client application.

Use Log On To Server (from the “Server” menu) to connect to the CatDV Server. If the server is on the same machine enter ‘localhost’ as the hostname. (If you started the CatDV Server on a port other than the default RMI port of 1099 then include that after the hostname, eg. “localhost:1100”.)