Available now: CatDV 12




Announcing an all-new version of CatDV, with a wealth of new capabilities:

  • Transformed UI: updated and streamlined user experience: simpler, cleaner, and more powerful
  • Additional support for audio: waveform monitor & thumbnails, peak meter and audio markers
  • Workspace builder: easily tailor your workspaces: make CatDV your own !
  • Calculated fields: to make logging even easier
  • Coloured labels: colour makes the most important assets stand out, great for status monitoring
  • Improved FCPX support: send content and share keywords from within CatDV direct to a FCPX Event. Find out more here
  • Ongoing sequence creator improvements: stills on the timeline and audio slide shows
  • CatDV Pegasus client now with watch folder custom actions: automate your workflow from within your installed client


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