CatDV has several mechanisms that make it easy to tailor workflows and integrate with other hardware and software.

CatDV Worker

The CatDV worker is a powerful automation engine that can control and be controlled by other hardware or software. It has it’s own Command Line Interface (CLI) for querying and updating CatDV plus can control external programs or scripts. An example of integration using the worker command line can be seen here, where RED’s REDLine transcoding tool is used to create proxies by the CatDV Worker.

Web Services REST API

CatDV exposes a web services API which enables web developers to create new user interfaces for CatDV. CatDV ships with two template applications; a simple Search interface and a Review & Approval application to show the kind of interface that can be built. The interface was used during the London Paralympics to help distribute footage to global broadcasters. Square Box can help customers to build new front ends to CatDV, equally our integrators and customers are free to build them too. Details about the server API are here.

Server API

CatDV has a server API that can run processes on the server, initiated by the web or rich CatDV clients. The API is flexible and can be used to extend the functions of CatDV (our recent Consent Forms function was written using the server API) and it is ideally suited to archive and storage integrations. Please contact us for more details and a copy of the Server API.

Approved for CatDV

Square Box operates an ‘approved for CatDV’ programme to ensure the quality of CatDV integrations. Applications that are Approved for CatDV have been through a validation programme and have clear support arrangements in place with their vendor.