Export Text File As

Select from the drop down menu which format to export the text file.

Unix/Mac OS X, Mac Classic, Windows.


Text Encoding

Options for export encoding format – platform default – default setting

Options are UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO8859_1, MacRoman,Cp1250.


Export Clips based on

Option to export Whole Clip (in/out) or Selection of clip (in2/out2).


Exporting Clips

3 options to name exported clips.

1, name clip as it is

2,Prefix TAPE name

3,Prefix BIN name


Exporting Movies

4 options to select from for folder structure for exported movies.

1, No Sub-directory – This is the default

2, Sub-directory for each TAPE

3,Sub-directory for each BIN

4,Sub-directory for each RECORD DATE


Duration for Still Images

Here you can set the default duration (in seconds) for still images that appear in a sequence.

The default is 3 seconds.


HTML page footer

Here you can add a footer column for HTML exports for example copyright information.