CatDV Contracts

Purchase of CatDV and any 3rd party products sold by Square Box Systems are subject to the following terms and conditions:

End User License Agreement

Terms of Business

Terms of License Resale

Maintenance Support Contract – further details listed below

CatDV Maintenance Support

Your CatDV Maintenance Support Contract


Taking out or renewing your maintenance contract for CatDV keeps you up to date with all the latest software, as well as giving you priority technical support.

A CatDV Maintenance Support Contract gives you peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, you get support the same day to get you back up and running.

We have dedicated technical support teams (in partnership with JB&A) based in the US and UK, who are on hand to help with any technical issues that may arise, and who are backed up by our CatDV engineers when needed.

At the same time, a maintenance support contract keeps you up to date with the all latest improvements to the CatDV products. In the last year we have released major versions of CatDV desktop client (with new playback capabilities), Server (with many, under the cover improvements and optimisations), Web Client (a simple CatDV client that is ideally suited to unlocking the value of media assets across an enterprise), Worker Node (with a simpler user experience and many more workflow automation capabilities, and updated Adobe Premiere Panel and Final Cut Workflow Extension (so you can run CatDV right inside Premiere and Final Cut).

CatDV Maintenance also brings flexibility: when it comes time to grow your CatDV system, you can trade in your existing system with no extra charges.

The CatDV Maintenance Support Agreement is detailed here: Maintenance Support Agreement


What is covered


During the support period we will respond to support requests by email to answer questions about how to use the software and will investigate any issues raised. We will attempt to suggest workarounds and may at our discretion make alterations to the software to address these issues, where we judge that there is a defect in our code and the software doesn’t perform to specification.

Maintenance support covers the functioning of our software only (as detailed below). It does not in general cover workflow consultancy, training and installation, configuration of the software, integration with 3rd party products, or questions relating to IT infrastructure.

If the support issue indicates training is required on how to use the product we will advise accordingly.


Eligible products


Maintenance support is offered on the following software products: CatDV family of products (including CatDV Essential, CatDV Pro, CatDV Pegasus, CatDV Enterprise Server, CatDV Pegasus Server, CatDV Web Clients, CatDV Worker Nodes and other products on the CatDV price list).  Support is offered on the current version of these products, and for a period of 12 months thereafter. A reduced level of support, addressing critical issues only that completely stop the software from operating, is offered for a maximum of period of 3 years from the date of purchase.

Only customers who have a valid CatDV software license, subject to the CatDV license agreement and our standard conditions of sale and an active support agreement are eligible for support.


Updates and upgrades


From time to time we may issue minor software “point” updates, including various fixes and minor enhancements, and these are available at no cost to users under maintenance support agreements.

We believe that using the latest version of CatDV is valuable for our customers as we are constantly enhancing our products. As a result the Maintenance Support includes all major upgrades during the maintenance period. There are a variety of cost effective options to move into the maintenance service.

How to Raise Support Requests

Support requests should be made by email in the first instance, using the contact details given to you when you took out support (typically your reseller).

Response time

You will normally receive an acknowledgement the same day (target is within 2 business hours) and a response by the end of the next business day. If a request needs to be referred to engineering for a detailed investigation this will normally be done within five business days, depending on the nature of the investigation required and the severity of the issue.

The correct telephone and email contact details to use and hours of operation of the help desk depend on who you purchased the software from and will be forwarded to you when you take out the support agreement.

In the case of urgent issues, or to check the status of an existing support request, please follow up your initial email by emailing or phoning  your help desk.

If you have not received a satisfactory response within these quoted times and would like to escalate the issue directly with our UK head office, please forward a copy of all correspondence to date on the issue to and your query will be followed up by a senior support manager.

What we ask from you

To help us investigate an issue we may require additional information from you, such as log files, screen shots, example media files, or a repeatable sequence of steps to reproduce the problem. We may also suggest possible workarounds or additional testing steps. If we don’t hear back from you after requesting additional information we will consider the support issue as being closed.

Ad hoc support

Customers who are not covered by a support agreement or whose agreement has lapsed revert to “ad hoc” support. They may send support requests by emailing but we offer no guarantee that such requests will be responded to, or be responded to within a particular time.

In certain circumstances we may offer incident-based support on a paid for basis.


Maintenance support is provided in English only.


CatDV Maintenance support is rolling contract, therefore the support agreement will automatically renew for a further twelve months following the original end date (unless we receive at least 30 days’ notice that you don’t wish to renew). Support contracts are calculated as 25% (Maintenance Support) of the purchase price for server-based systems, payable annually in advance to remain in support. There is a minimum cost of $200 for single user CatDV Pro systems.

The cost of major version upgrades is based on 35% of the current new price (the higher of the original purchase price or the current list price) for users one version behind, or 55% if two versions behind, or as specifically quoted in our price list.

We offer special terms for customers who wish to upgrade CatDV and move into maintenance. For customers with CatDV 11 based systems (ie one version behind current), the cost is 40% of the current, system price for the first year. For customers with CatDV 10 based systems, the cost is 60% of the current, system price. In subsequent years maintenance returns to its standard pricing).

For customers that already have a support agreement, any remaining support can be converted to maintenance free of charge by upgrading today. Please contact your reseller for more details.

Register your Support Contract

Registering your support contract will mean that our support team will be able to react as quickly as possible, to any issues that you raise with us.

To remove warnings in CatDV about maintenance not being registered you need to enter you customer number into CatDV’s preferences. Knowing you customer number enables us to better respond to any support queries you may have. You can request your customer number by completing our online form.