In a normal view each row or thumbnail in the main window corresponds to precisely one clip in your catalog. In certain situations you might want a different view of your clips however. In a summary view the clips in your window are temporarily replaced by an alternative “consolidated” view.

There are three types of summary mode, which you can access via the View menu:

  • Clip Summaries
  • Source Media View
  • Thumbnail View

Switching to a summary view is just temporary and doesn’t alter your original clips. You can toggle between a normal and summary view by pressing Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-S.

Clip summaries

Sometimes a catalog may contain overlapping or duplicated clip definitions, for example if you import logs from completed projects as well as having imported the raw movie files, or if you capture a tape in several segments.

  • Use the Clip Summaries view to temporarily combine clip segments and filter out duplicates
  • Summary view usually provides a concise, non-overlapping summary of the contents of a tape.
  • You can copy summary clips and then paste them into a new catalog as normal clips.

How summary mode works

The changes made by summary mode only affect how clips are displayed and exported. The original clips in the catalog are not altered, so you can safely toggle in and out of summary view as required. Clip Summary mode displays a concise description of the scenes on a tape as follows:

  • If a catalog has several clips with the same in and out value (eg. from different projects) these are merged into one
  • If you captured several long clips, each of which contains several scenes, the long clips are hidden and only the scenes are listed
  • If a single scene is split in two because it was captured as two files these sections are joined up.

Source Media and Thumbnail Views

There are two other summary views that temporarily change how the clips are shown without changing the original clips stored in your catalog:

  • Source Media View shows precisely one clip for each source media file.
  • Each clip can have any number of thumbnails associated with it. Normally only one thumbnail, the poster thumbnail, is shown for each clip. In a Thumbnail View each thumbnail in the catalog is shown as a separate “clip”.