Check the system requirements then choose the version of CatDV, Pegasus, CatDV Server, Worker Node, or other products you want from the links below.

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Older versions of CatDV


Desktop Clients

Welcome to the official release of CatDV 12.1.2 Download the appropriate version of CatDV for your platform and follow the instructions in the Read Me files. These downloads are the real application and depend on a registration code to function (without a registration CatDV will operate as a free time- and feature-limited demo). Codes are issued on-line once you purchase a license. (Please contact us if you require a fully functional time-limited evaluation license for a more thorough test prior to purchase.) To use the latest version of CatDV you will normally require a license purchased within the past three months or be under a current software maintenance agreement.

Pegasus 12.1.2.dmg (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 ad54e6572c130950d693010530cdfeda)
Pegasus 12.1.2.exe (Windows) Download (MD5 c6467c29817fb1041dfb939e1690c13c)
CatDV Pro 12.1.2.dmg (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 c25bc5921e043dcaa719612031fa1bcf)
CatDV Pro 12.1.2.exe (Windows) Download (MD5 8eb6eac2693366c2461b793efeeb71fc)
CatDV Std 12.1.2.dmg (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 0c078406b783ae9f13de2ac0d49130f2)
CatDV Std 12.1.2.exe (Windows) Download (MD5 b0fb8809bf45f8c08b45d976048bc3b3)
CatDV 12.1.2 Read Me (Release Notes) Download
CatDV 12.1.2 Reference (HTML Manual) Download

CatDV Server 7.2

IMPORTANT: CatDV Server 7 stores its metadata in a different way from previous versions or CatDV Server. The upgrade process must therefore migrate your data from the old format to the new format. This step cannot be undone so it is vital that your data is properly backed up before you start in case it becomes necessary to roll back your installation. Please make sure you read the information on the following link before upgrading: more information on Server 7 upgrade.

If you’re not using Server 7 you can download the latest version of CatDV Server 6.10 from the Older Versions link. To use Server 6.10 you require a license purchased after December 2014 or to be under a current software maintenance agreement. Please note that you can use either the CatDV Desktop Client ( or a third party application to verify the files MD5 checksum.

CatDVServer 7.2.5.dmg (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 ca82ef893a0e39776dc8e1ab26722633)
CatDVServer 7.2.5.exe (Windows) Download (MD5 c2d074958c2dacf69ed385ee7b2d6f33)
CatDVServer (Generic Unix/Linux) Download (MD5 ff4fc0a6c92423d272a6495f59ad0d52)

CatDV Worker Node

The CatDV Worker Node, is available to registered users only. Please contact us if you require further information or would like an evaluation copy.

Please note that for users without a current maintenance support contract, Worker 6.1 is a paid upgrade and you will need a new license code to activate it

CatDVWorker 6.1.10.dmg (Mac OS X, Intel) [90M] Download (MD5 ec5fb84aaab7c906c4e347ca34df0a21)
CatDVWorker 6.1.10.exe (Windows) [75M] Download (MD5 1a4717253d6b982d839657b55b7c4985)
Worker 6.1 Manual (PDF Release Notes) Download

Other Products

These downloads are available to registered users only. Please contact us if you require further information or would like an evaluation copy.

FCSTool 1.1.8.dmg (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 e243494b2488feb6f8f6b1cd3b1176d0)
CatDV Advanced Panel for Premiere CC (For CatDV Server 6)  (Mac/Windows) Download (MD5 1bdc4544929f551c2cb0dd9aafa594a5)
CatDV Advanced Panel Release Notes (For CatDV Server 6) (Release Notes) Download
CatDV Advanced Panel for Premiere CC (For CatDV Server 7 onwards) (Mac/Windows) Download (MD5 30e8110e4606e0a55a4b51a190d92a9e)
CatDV Advanced Panel Release Notes (For CatDV Server 7 onwards) (Release Notes) Download
CatDV for Tricaster Tricaster Download (MD5 6f80871675b3174779d43adc504924e1)
Consent Plug In Server plug in (Cross Platform) Download (MD5 d4259210cca568282977731b127e9143)
Amazon S3 Archive Plugin Server plug in (Cross Platform) Download (MD5 176c95b8b4d31e4adf8cc7d862588841)
Microsoft Azure Archive Plugin Server plug in (Cross Platform) Download (MD5 232b7bd6b5f6faea3f4588db56f94c84)
Black Pearl Archive Plugin Server plug in (Cross Platform) Download (MD5 8748c3f8489e119d264828d2ec20a4e9)
YouTube Plugin (Mac/Windows) Download  (MD5 eb06cb6d994d16c042f2555208fcb558)
YouTube Plugin Release Notes (Release Notes) Download

CatDV Beta Software

Please be aware that this software is still in development and therefore may contain unknown bugs. We strongly advise not using beta software in a production environment. If you do find any issues please email

CatDV Pegasus 12.rc3 (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 c430e90eadba1e5670b9b5c8e5474406)
CatDV Pegasus 12.1rc3 (Windows) Download (MD5 b766b6e815fa73a972249725c7e762ed)
CatDV Pro 12.1rc3 (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 857db7d8a3671b48dad57e7eea2d4ecd)
CatDV Pro 12.1rc3  (Windows) Download (MD5 e8eabb11630b7ce67213a8c1104036b4)
CatDV Std 12.1rc3 (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 e8ef39dbee1d1ea5b7afeaa2874906b8)
CatDV Std 12.1rc3  (Windows) Download (MD5 adf4aa4f85ee2eb09a2173e2ba9f246c)
CatDV Server 7.2.4 (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 c4d41f245bd88f84843b730e0baf9a4e)
CatDV Server 7.2.4  (Windows) Download (MD5 595f4dadf6f4a555e423097d5ad17252)
CatDV Server 7.2.4 Generic / Unix Download (MD5 5fb00f90dbdec85005d5eb9cbaf590b3)
CatDV Worker 7.0rc1 (Mac OS X) Download (MD5 2ba2239f206ae973e9731c643ab40d3f)
CatDV Worker 7.0rc1  (Windows) Download (MD5 bec8c94c9b2dd0ffeaa9201d405ea906)
CatDV Worker 7.0rc1 Generic / Unix Download (MD5 5e6450a466964b292c5ab1ac111c5464)