5.0.7 19 Nov 2013

Fix issue with path mappings on server queries not working. Implement pick list chooser (Values button) when editing server queries. New “CatDV XML Batch File (Quick)” importer which quickly imports clips without doing a full media analsysis (ie. as if the files were offline). New “Folder Sync” importer which keeps a catalog in sync with a watch folder by doing a quick import of files without doing a full media analsysis, including new $K and $L variables. New option to calculate MD5 checksums on import. Allow import of XML files created by the worker command line. Allow accented and other Unicode characters in emails. Change name of command line on Windows to catdv.exe, so it matches what the documentation says. Other fixes.

5.0.6 11 Sept 2013

Add support for RED metaclips. Replace “Merge MXF files into a metaclip” checkbox with three radio button options. Improve detection of metaclip folder structures on the file watch “Conditions” tab. Moving or copying a metaclip (using the Conversion, not the Pre-Processing tab) preserves folder structure. Improve deletion of empty directories. “Ignore errors” option now applies to movie conversion (as well as file copying and command execution). New -distinct and tabNoHeader options in command line interface. Fix related to resubmitting jobs. Bring engine up to date with CatDV 10.0.7 (fix import of .mts files, read JFIF metadata, FCP XML improvements, etc.).

5.0.5 12 July 2013

Fix an error with server-triggered tasks if reanalyse media option is turned off.

5.0.4 11 July 2013

Fix an issue with the new ‘CatDV XML File’ importer option. Add support for reanalysing media when running a server query-triggered action. New option whether to interpret contents of batch and log files when using the Automatic importer. Add support for reading metadata from RED files. Updated “Importing media files” and added new “Offline media” documentation sections.

5.0.3 6 June 2013

Fix Mac/Windows path error when copying metaclips. New CatDV Batch XML importer to import a batch file immediately, rather than queuing each file, including support for creating offline clips with no corresponding media file. New option to update any existing clip with same path or clip name, allowing clips to be inserted into database prior to the media arriving (similar to CatDV’s Reanalyse Media command). Exporting stills now correctly takes into account JPEG quality setting. Update engine to match CatDV 10.0.4 (fixes and improvements related to metaclips, XML sidecar files, MXF importer, IPTC metadata support, etc.)

5.0.2 24 February 2013

Fix “timeout” and “unexpected response” errors when communicating with helper process. New option to delete empty directories after deleting or moving files out of the watch folder. Ensure worker is suspended if there is an error communicating with the CatDV Server. Fix unresponsive GUI when worker is processing a task. Allow files to be moved across file systems. Email recipients can now contain variables. Update engine to match CatDV 10.0.2 (support for raw image metaclips, new Pulldown metadata field, fix -2015 errors, etc.). Better

support for importing metadata from XML sidecar files. Other minor fixes. Added a “Hints and tips” section to the documentation below.

5.0.1 7 December 2012

Update engine to match CatDV 10.0.1 (including support for spanned Canon XF clips, improved TIFF support, and prevent thumbnails over 64K). Ensure media path is updated when publishing changes if you use a path mapping. Fix handling of thumbnail and scene detection options. New option whether task should continue or not if there is an error copying the file or executing an external command. Log viewer now supports Cmd-F to search.

5.0.0 8 October 2012

Official release. Update engine to match CatDV 10.0.0. Fix -47 errors when building proxies. Increase memory allocation for helper process and command line. Add REMOTEID, CLIPREF, MEDIASTART, START_SECS, DURATION_SECS fields to exported XML. Use new file chooser. Various other fixes.

5.0b8 1 August 2012

Update engine to match CatDV 10.0b7. Allow t and n when setting event markers via the command line. Add support for batch exporting XML and HTML files with all the clips that match a server query in one file, rather than performing a separate export for each task. CatDV XML file now includes metaclip members. Fix related to sending emails. Fix spurious “directory is unstable” warnings. Other minor fixes.

5.0b7 9 May 2012

Release candidate. Fix handling of metaclips returned by a server query. Slight changes to task list details view. Change the location of the worker.xml and workset files so they are in the Application Support or APPDATA directory rather than your home directory. (This simplifies switching between Worker 4 and Worker 5 during testing and avoids cluttering the home directory.) Fix an issue with waiting for directories to settle.

5.0b6 9 April 2012

Start using the new “Slate” look and feel. Improved log viewer with support for displaying the helper log files as well as the main worker log. Prevent helper process under XP due to Windows DLL loading bug that can cause deadlocks. Fixes related to proxy paths. Display error output when running external commands (this is especially useful for reporting progress from the ‘curl’ command). Fix a timeout that would always occur during long-running commands. Fix erroneous warnings about exceeding client licenes.

5.0b5 31 March 2012

Add proper support for exporting movies from sequences (rather than processing all the source clips within the sequence). Ability to set preconditions on file watcher jobs based on known file types. The group name field now allows variables. Add wizard for editing job schedule. Add checkbox to make it clear that we don’t check whether all the contents of a metaclip are online. Add chooser buttons to path map editor and a help button to movie conversion dialog. Miscellaneous fixes related to reading QuickTime metadata, parsing CatDV XML files, exporting movie from a metaclip, exporting XML files, refreshing online status, and fix message about exceeding client licenses. Add development mode (via General tab of configuration) to reduce polling interval and prompt before starting each task.

5.0b4 16 March 2012

Add support for running multiple worker tasks in parallel (with a new drop down on the License tab to control how many worker processes to enable on this machine, up to the number permitted by the license, and the ability to set time outs). Remove the ability to create multiple work sets and incorporate the task list as part of the main window. Add support for scheduling specific times when a job can run. Minor fixes related to metaclips. Include DirectShow (DSJ) exporter on Windows. The command line interface now has the ability to append to a field using “–set FIELD+=VALUE”. Fix importing files whose name contains Unicode characters (Windows). Fix exporting files with Unicode names or a long folder name (Mac).

5.0b3 5 March 2012

Add support for running task processor in a separate process (to protect against crashes and provide option for multi-processing in future). Fix “merge MXF files into a metaclip” option but default the option to off as it reduces eficiency of adding clips to an existing catalog. Include Direct Show (DSJ) importer on Windows. Include explicit XDCAM importer and fix handling of XDCAM EX and P2 metaclips. Add a new “allow polling” option to watch folder definitions to process files again if a new file appears with the same name as one processed previously. Improve the “wait for directory to settle” option. Fix proxy path issue on Windows. Allow setting of user columns declared as being checkboxes (use the value “true” to set it).

5.0b2 27 February 2012

Fix it so selected thumbnail size is taken into account. Fix issues with editing presets. Fix doubling up of server query terms. Further tidy up of user interface to make sure it more closely matches order of processing of actions. Ensure “import all files” option works with all importers. Change QuickTime “flattened movie” exporter so it creates fast start movies. Ensure $I variable is set with remote clip id after publishing clips to server.

5.0b1 22 February 2012

Initial beta release built on CatDV 9 codebase. Worker 4 is based on CatDV 8, so this new worker version includes all fixes to the CatDV engine made since CatDV 8.1.12. It includes the following additional major changes: ability to select Xuggle and JMF importers, support for exporting using either QuickTime or Xuggle, a redesigned conversion settings dialog, removal of “pending” state (clips are published to the server immediately rather than being batched up), and more efficient addition of clips to an existing catalog (the worker no longer downloads existing clips in order to append to a catalog).

4.0.6 6 February 2012

Add support for sending SSL email. Fix file not found messages that can occur when using “Move folder” preprocessing action. Ability to specify alternative root for watch folder triggered actions. Added two more extra fields that can be set when publishing clips to the server. Fix broken file paths with multiple colons that can occur on Windows. Fix burnt in timecode on proxy movies. Add support for event fields to the command line interface.

4.0.5 26 November 2011

Fix an issue with building previews under Windows. Monitor file size as well as file and directory modification time to determine whether a file is still being written. Add filter to log file viewer. Please note that PowerPC Macintoshes are no longer supported in this version.

4.0.4 19 October 2011

Remove spurious newline character at end of $x variable. Make @MF writable. Ability to turn off timecode track on exported movies by setting export.timecode=false or preview.timecode=false in Advanced Properties. Ability to delete clip from server for server query triggered actions.

4.0.3 26 September 2011

Fix an issue with multiple @Field=Value responses. Allow a publish interval of 0s to turn off buffering of clips. Fix an issue related to multiple worksets and not publishing changes. Improved diagnostics in the log file. Fix SkeletonMismatchException.

4.0.2 7 September 2011

Fix “no server queries defined”message when using multiple worksets. Fix occasional “duplicate entry on groupID” message when publishing clips to server. Include extra diagnostics to resolve occasional “waiting to acquire lock” errors on Windows.

4.0.1 29 June 2011

Add support for regular expressions, and compatibility with CatDV 9 (saving events and ratings etc.). Add support for copying or moving metaclips based on a server query. Use maximum available resolution when exporting stills from RAW images. Email addresses can now include variables. Set timecode format via timecode.paldefault variable to permit importing EDLs. Task list viewer information panel shows root directory and relative file path separately. Update xalan XSLT library to version 2.7.1. Log viewer has a new button to compress and save the worker log file. Other minor fixes. Added documentation on regular expressions and setting the root for server-triggered tasks.