6.10.1 (13 March 2015)

Fix settings issue with Web 2 which caused Smart Folders not to appear in navigation tree and user fields not to appear in the search builder field drop down. Allow Premiere panel to connect to workgroup server. Fix issue with aspect ratio of certain clips sent to Premiere.

6.10.0 (13 February 2015)

First public release of CatDV Web 2. Many web changes, including deployment to external Tomcat installation if required, improved support for older browsers (IE8), multiple clip selection, media/proxy path download links, and compatibility with Workgroup server. Other fixes related to user defined date fields, export of FCP XML files, LDAP Open Directory support, and performing the same query twice in succession sometimes returning old cached results.

6.9.6 (21 Nov 2014)

Fix an issue with missing driver in Windows control panel. Fix inadvertent dependency on Java 1.7, plus minor REST and web fixes.

6.9.5 (29 Oct 2014)

REST API fixes (to support Premiere plugin panel enhancements), make log file less verbose, update web interface for Java 1.8 compatibility

6.9.4 (10 Oct 2014)

Retry failed db operations. Web changes. Fix related to data migration task. Update version of mariadb driver. Fix empty recycle bin command in control panel.

6.9.3 (5 Sept 2014)

Upgrade embedded H2 database to 1.3.174. Performance improvements when adding new clips to a catalog and opening a clip list. Various REST query fixes. Data migration tool displays progress bar. Add support for bulk update of fields via web client. Allow cross-domain REST API calls. Improved permissions checking in web client. Better error reporting if server fails to start. Other minor fixes.

6.9.2 (2 June 2014)

REST API changes to allow updates of multiple clips. Fix error that is sometimes displayed when first installing CatDV database. Create a log file for the control panel. Web client defaults to HTML5 video if QuickTime plugin is unavailable.

6.9.1 (14 May 2014)

Fix “unknown attributeId” error when viewing certain smart folders. Fix certain web searches including Unicode characters. LDAP fix related to recursive group memberships. Allow http url for webclient.logo. Allow time expiring links.

6.9.0 (3 Apr 2014)

First public release. Fix issue with Unicode characters in file paths and in log file.

6.9b10 (26 Mar 2014)

Release candidate, including new Web Client pdf manual. Update the server plugin API to v2. Minor fixes to control panel and REST API.

6.9b9 (3 Mar 2014)

Add installer script for Linux. Fix an issue with the approval sample app. Fix issue where web client could sometimes use too many sessions.

6.9b8 (15 Feb 2014)

Web client fixes (prevent editing of locked fields, fix issue that stopped sample apps from working, list view should take into account selected date format). REST API fixes (allow update of media file path).

6.9b7 (4 Feb 2014)

Web Client fixes and improvements (don’t allow editing of clips if not logged on, update status history when making changes via web and display full history, fix viewing of stills, reduce size of server log, new ‘huge’ thumbnail view, improved error handling, fixes related to sequence editing, etc.). Fix performance issue when running with recent versions of MS SQL Server. Other minor fixes.

6.9b6 (20 Jan 2014)

Web Client and REST API fixes (related to underlying type field, handling of metaclips, searches on user fields index was out by one, logo/header panel, user defined fields, webclient.searchFields config uses NM1 not etc). Control panel fixes (fix data migration from H2 to SQL Server and include drivers on Mac).

6.9b5 (26 Nov 2013)

Web Client and REST API changes, including support for deleting clips, clicking on still images display them in a separate window, improved caching, and fixes to the thumbnail grid view. Minor improvements to control panel data migration and schema update tools. Update schema to 3.26 to support new clip types.

6.9b4 (8 Nov 2013)

Web Client and REST API changes, including FCP7 XML export, handling of proxy or alternative media paths, support for multiple tracks in sequences, plus LDAP root DN support.

6.9b3 (25 Oct 2013)

Web client now supports sequence editing, sorting of clips by clicking on a column header, and upload of multiple files. Updated sample web apps include clip basket functionality. Other fixes to REST API etc.

6.9a2 (9 Oct 2013)

Fix the REST API and Web Client to support anonymous access and allow editing of smart folders. Include changes from server 6.8.1. Include new server 6.9 release notes.

6.8.2 21 Nov 2013
Update schema to 3.26 (add ‘part analysed’ clip type). Improved handling of certain database URLs. Allow apostrophe’s in catalog names.

6.8.1 25 Sep 2013
Update schema to 3.25. Smart folders can now be shared or tied to a particular user, and queries for owner equal to ‘#’ match current logged in user. Fix REST API and web client so they return clips in same order and with same thumbnail. Other REST API fixes. LDAP enhancements.

6.8.0 30 Jul 2013
Public release. Minor REST API fix. Simple web client now uses custom logo and title that might be set up for the main web client.

6.8b8 24 Jul 2013
Release candidate. Fix an error in control panel if Tomcat not installed. REST API fixes. MS SQLServer fixes.

6.8b7 19 Jul 2013
Fix an issue with queries involving “any logging field” and multiple terms. Re-introduce support for an external Tomcat server or the built-in web server. Improvements to the Migrate Data command.

6.8b6 12 Jul 2013
Update schema to 3.24. Web client add support for HTML user fields, control over whether original file and/or proxies may be downloaded. Performance improvements. Support use of external Tomcat or built-in web server. JDBC driver changes. Plugin API enhancements. LDAP integration with Mac OS X Open Directory. REST API fixes.

6.8b5 18 Jun 2013
Fix queries on metaclips to avoid spurious results based on matching individual members. Fix Adobe Premiere plugin panel. Fix installer on Windows. Ability to use built in web server for http proxies. Ability to customise web client list view columns. Plugin API enhancements.

6.8b4 24 May 2013
Web client add support for downloading original and/or proxy, plus support for uploading files. REST API enhancements. New API to support server-side plugins. Other fixes.

6.8b3 17 April 2013
Fix XML entity errors in web client. Allow loading of external JDBC jar files if required. REST API enhancements.

6.8b2 3 April 2013
Fixes related to built-in H2 database. Allow access to Live HTML with a Web Client license. Web client now uses roles when determining which tabs to show. Fixes to control panel.

6.8b1 19 February 2013
Early beta of server 6.8 featuring embedded Tomcat web server and Java H2 database engine, including sample web applications built on REST API web services (requires Web Client license).

6.7.0    10 December 2012
Avoid file locking issue that could prevent control panel from editing under Windows. Fix certain queries involving Unicode characters. Log viewer now supports searching. Other minor fixes. Additional documentation sections describing the Control Panel.

6.7b10 12 November 2012
Tidy up installation checks made by control panel setup wizard. New option in setup wizard to enable Tomcat controls if using web services API for the Premiere plugin panel even if not using the Web Client. Ensure Web Client status values and marker categories match the production group. Fix occasional missing thumbnails in Web Client. Display a more helpful message when housekeeping is in progress. Fix to avoid intermittent table corruption warnings when shutting down server. Allow the number of clips that are shown in Web Client to be configured.

6.7b9   19 September 2012
Fix an issue with certain queries containing backslash characters. Web client fixes (event markers table shows Out point, increased limit so up to 2000 clips are shown, fix tree so it doesn’t lose your position when a node is expanded). Changes to support Premiere Pro search plug-in. Added documentation on using an LDAP server and on using CatDV Server as a license server.

6.7b8   23 August 2012
Reintroduce media.flat option for Live HTML Publisher. Fix simple web client so it shows user field names. Add support for missing web client fields such as ACHN, AR, FS, etc. Allow space bar to toggle movie playback in web client.

6.7b7   18 July 2012
Fix occasional issue with web client movie playback using QT plugin under Safari. Add .webm to list of proxy externsions that are checked. Fix keyboard shortcuts such as Cmd-T to create a new tab being blocked.

6.7b6   3 Jul 2012
Web client fixes and improvements (fix wildcard proxy path mapping, support for specifying whether catalogs and/or smart folders are shown in the tree, only show smart folders you have access to, display a drop down list of marker categories in the event marker dialog, support keyboard shortcuts to set in and out points and insert a marker, only show play icon for range markers, attempt to locate without setting web.xml). Other minor fixes (LDAP, queries on media path, control panel). Add beta support for PostgreSQL database.

6.7b5   12 Jun 2012
Oracle fix. Add support for latest user field types in web client.

6.7b4   31 May 2012
Add support for using the CatDV Server as a license server (requires CatDV Pro 10.0b6). Limit the web client to showing 8 tabs by default. Fix missing Oracle jar file. Fix “is one of” queries. Update MS SQL migration tool.

6.7b3   7 May 2012
Web client adds support for multiline user fields (requires CatDV Pro 10.0b5) and “don’t show” fields, and no longer ignores the customised tab layouts if the “show advanced tabs” option is checked. Minor fixes to control panel, including support for entering the Tomcat service name under Windows and having separate configuration panels for the Web Client and Live HTML Publisher.

6.7b2   30 Apr 2012
Fix an issue with the web client not always loading user names from the field set correctly. Add support for customising the title and logo in the web client. Improvements to the server panel in the installation wizard. Fix the -60008 error that prevented the server starting when the control panel was launched from the installer under Mac OS X.

6.7b1   12 Apr 2012
Initial release featuring new control panel setup wizard, support for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, LDAP integration with an Active Directory server, RESTful API, and support for customising web client fields. Note that some of these features require additional license options.

6.6b13 21 Mar 2012
Web client fix (some user fields with drop down values aren’t refreshed correctly). LDAP fix. Minor fixes to control panel (wrong icon shown; better handling of schema updates).

6.6b12 7 Jan 2012
Web client fixes (ensure session is freed when you log out, don’t log on anonymously until you cancel the login dialog, fixes related to user-defined radio buttons and check boxes). LDAP fix.

6.6b11 16 Dec 2011
Change the server release so there are separate downloads for Mac, Windows and Generic Unix/Linux. Web client fixes (compatible with IE9, improve reliability of media playback). Windows installer fixes (work with Java 7, create C:TEMP if necessary). LDAP fix.

6.6b10 30 Nov 2011
Web client fixes (smart folders, tab customisation). Fix warning about insecure startup item on Mac OS X. Minor control panel fix.

6.6b9   26 Nov 2011
Fixes relating to: control panel checking and updating the database schema, persistence of installation settings on Mac OS X Lion, enforcement of clip permissions when publishing changes, support for multi-hierarchy fields in the web client, queries based on event, log viewer.

6.6b8   18 Nov 2011
New installer and control panel launcher for 64-bit Windows 7 compatibility.

6.6b7   10 Oct 2011
Performance improvement when publishing changes involving deleting  many clips. Fix related to editing role permissions. Web client enhancements: support multi grouping fields, checkbox, multi-checkbox, radio button and date fields; add rating field; add notes field to query dialog; fix “bad sort column null” message. Added documentation on repairing corrupt database and how to reset administrator password, as well as on the control panel Tools menu.

6.6b6   19 Aug 2011
Fix the OS X installer reporting if MySQL is not installed. Add a Tools menu to the control panel with new commands to propagate Cache-A archive status to other clips with the same file path and to restore database to a back up by importing a sql dump.

6.6b5   5 Aug 2011
Web client enhancements: ability to sort clip list via settings dialog, and additional gird view thumbnail sizes. Fetching extra catalog details now defaults to off.

6.6b4   27 Jul 2011
Roles default to on. Keep the size of the recycle bin down to 5000 clips. Use launchd instead of startup item under Mac OS X, plus other fixes to the Mac OS X installer.

6.6b3   24 Jun 2011
Change the control panel so it updates the webapp more reliably. Add a button to save log files from the log viewer. Fixes relating to queries (user field is blank, ensure complete metaclips are returned).

6.6b2   2 June 2011
New beta with support for saving permission roles, events and ratings. Fix an issue relating to certain queries on user-defined columns not giving the expected results.

6.5.0    27 Apr 2011
General release, with non-expiring web client.

6.5b28 28 Feb 2011
Web client changes: fix expiry, add support for image sequences and metaclips. Other minor fixes.

6.5b27 31 Jan 2011
Web client changes: ability to configure whether users are allowed to download media or not, fix an issue related to canceling editing a clip, fix an issue with simple web client under IE. Add support for new Worker command line interface. Other minor fixes.

6.5b26 14 Dec 2010
Web client changes: ability to specify a field definition set and date format for use by the web client. CatDV server now uses a single port to simplify firewall configuration.

6.5b25 4 Dec 2010
Update schema to 3.13 (increasing size of file name fields). Don’t do housekeeping on server shut down. Instead, provide a new server config option whether to do it on startup. Minor improvements to control panel.

6.5b24 3 Oct 2010
Improved control panel, including new web server panel and redesigned config editor. Web client enhancements, including support for multiple proxy folders, jpeg proxies for still images, and customization of user-defined fields.

6.5b23 24 Sep 2010
Fix an issue with opening the recycle bin. Add support for 64-bit Windows Server. Minor web client fixes.

6.5b20 31 Jul 2010
Fix session handling on the web client. Minor server fixes, including ensuring clips within a catalog are returned in the correct order and querying of the audit log.

6.5b18 13 Jul 2010
Web Client includes new ‘simple’ interface and support for HTML5 video tag. Minor server fixes, including display of tape information and handling of stale connections.

6.5b17 1 Jun 2010
Improved performance of the housekeeping command. Improved handling of concurrent edits. Updates to the Web Client, including remembering browser settings in a cookie and support for media byte range requests to improve QuickTime playback performance.

6.5b16 17 May 2010
Add a new index to improve performance of queries on user defined grouping fields. New option in settings to display concise catalog details only, to speed up listing of a large number of catalogs. Minor fixes to the installer. Changes to the Web Client: add support for IE8, fix an exception that might be displayed when switching to another catalog, change catalog tree so folders are listed first to be consistent with the CatDV client, add a new wizard to simplify configuring the proxy path. Simplified configuration of Live HTML Publisher proxy paths.

6.5b14 26 April 2010
Clarified the name of certain config fields in the control panel. Add support for a separate license code to control access to the new Web Client. Fix an issue related to editing of read-only catalogs.

6.5b13 29 Mar 2010
Changes to the new web client (fixes to aspect ratio, prompt for changes when changing clip status, fixes when editing in/out selections, other minor fixes).

6.5b8   22 February 2010
Changes to generic web client interface, including: use of graphical toolbar buttons, zoom drop down to control movie playback size, ability to edit smart folders, automatically display log on dialog and automatically play movie, improved editing of event markers, new quick search text field.

6.5x     January 2010
Various beta versions featuring the new generic web client interface.

6.1.6    19 January 2010
Fix a problem with schema updating.

6.1.5    11 January 2010
Audit log queries now search action field. Fix issue with service not starting on some Windows installations. Fix compatibility with MySQL 5.1.16 and later. Client connections are automatically removed after being idle for 24 hours. Updated schema to 3.11 (added userID to clip).

6.1.4    28 November 2009
Updated schema to 3.10 (adding archiveStatus field). Fix for queries involving a NOT term..

6.1.3    8 October 2009
Updated schema to 3.09 (adding bigNotes and events fields). Performance improvement when polling server. Add support for displaying version number of connected clients. Minor fixes.

6.1.2    7 August 2009
Updated schema to 3.08. Fix deadlock that could occur on disconnection after an error occurred. Minor API enhancement.

6.1.1    7 June 2009
Updated schema to 3.07. Added support for saving clip lists and smart folders to the server. Added support for explicitly keeping track of the order of clips within a catalog. Other minor fixes.

6.1.0    26 May 2009
Major performance update, with new APIs to allow clients to request just those objects which have been modified or which haven’t yet been loaded on the client. Added support for broadcasting messages to users from the administrator.

6.0.8    13 May 2009
Minor update to increase memory allocation and track peak memory usage.

6.0.7    5 May 2009
Implement recycle bin. New permission to control deletion of clips. Schema upgrade to 3.06. Add button to control panel to perform housekeeping (clean old clips from recycle bin etc.). Minor fix to 59.94 timecode support.

6.0.6    14 Apr 2009
Fix occasional error about aspectRatio when using MySQL in strict mode. Fix incorrect URLs in web publisher clip baskets. Ensure log viewer doesn’t fail with out of memory error when viewing huge log files.

6.0.5    19 Mar 2009
Patch for issue relating to handling of new timecode formats.

6.0.4    14 Mar 2009
Upgrade schema to 3.05 to ensure catalog names are unique, add support for new clip types, and reduce delay when shutting down the server. Add support for 59.94 timecode format. New ability to search any log or metadata field (not just any log field). Added relative date search. Fix related to saving import sources. Minor fix to gmtDate field.

6.0.3    30 Jan 2009
Add support for new timecode format. Backups are now recorded in the audit log. Fixed RecDate field in LiveHTML Publisher. Other minor fixes.

6.0.2    22 Oct 2008
Fixed issue relating to saving sequences. Better checking and reporting of errors.

6.0.1    20 Sept 2008
Upgrade schema to 3.04 with support for new clip status and history fields. Make control panel slightly more robust. Bug fix relating to fps field and queries involving timecodes and durations.

6.0.0    11 July 2008
No change since b10 (except to remove beta designation from the version number).

6.0b10 26 May 2008
Upgrade schema to 3.03 and add support for saving multi-track sequences. Updated the control panel to make it more robust and so it automatically applies schema updates when required. Under Mac OS X it will also offer to create a default my.cnf file. Updated the server release notes.

6.0b9   24 Apr 2008
Added support for saving metaclips and image sequences. Performance improvement when publishing catalogs. Note: this release involves a schema change, see section 6.3 if you are upgrading an earlier installation.

6.0b8   4 Apr 2008
Added support for new tape library management search functions. Better recording of both logged on and operating system user in audit messages.

6.0b7   15 Feb 2008
Interim beta release(s),

6.0b3   18 Sep 2007
Interim beta release. Includes support for saving settings to the server.

6.0b1   25 Aug 2007
Beta release. Improved recovery from MySQL connection errors. Live HTML Publisher enhancements: more advanced queries, added clip basket and email response servlets.

5.1.2    10 Jul 2007
Minor update to fix “You don’t have permission to save tape infos” message if you don’t have permission in the system group, plus some reporting improvements.

5.1.1    9 Jan 2007
Minor update to fix occasional ‘tape already exists’ error and add extra reporting.

5.1.0    6 Nov 2006
Bug fixes and enhancements, mainly to Live HTML Publisher. (See section 6.2 for details)

5.0.0    30 Sep 2006
Production release, including bug fixes and support for Oracle.