Opening Movies

Deselected by default resolve data references.

Movie Preload timeout

Select the movie preload time before CatDV reports a time out error – defaultis 5 seconds.

Playing WMV/ASF files

Select to automatically play these file types in external application.

Playing non-media files

Select to automatically launch in external application – for example (PSD) Photoshop files can be launched from catdv into Photoshop.

XDCAM Proxies

Select for CatDV to attempt to combine hires audio with proxy video files.

Exporting Movies and Proxies

Select to avoid intermediate temporary generation of files.

Exporting Movies

Selected by default – automatically makes flattened movies ‘fast start’

Building Sequences

Options to use movies cache and dummy placeholder – default setting – deselected

Importing Movies

Select to use production aperture dimensions – default setting – selected

Import Media Files

Check QT movie importer component – default setting – deselected

Import Movies

3 options can be selected.

Ignore DV timecode

Use auxiliary timecode

Use MXF timecode

Default settings for all 3 is deselected

Timecode Handling

Select to strictly base clips on captured media

Split Captures

Auto join DV clips if scenes are split across files – default setting is – selected

Playing Movies

Option to set ‘high quality’ flag – default setting – deselected

Option to set ‘don’t use overlay surface’  flag – default setting – selected

Movie Time Calculations

Select to don’t use cached time values – default setting – deselected

Playing Movies

Fix move repaint issues – default setting – deselected

Building Movies

Disable frame boundary adjustments – default setting – deselected

Playing Media

Use simpler MovieDef engine – default setting – deselected

Xuggle Player

Write diagnostic messages to log file – default setting – selected

Xuggle Player deinterlace options drop down menu

– default setting – Automatic deinterlace

Image Sequences

Don’t assemble frames for playback – default setting – deselected

JMF Extension

Chooser box to locate JMF extension