You can add the Avid Media Files folder to your CatDV database. CatDV will automatically create metaclips and allow you to playback and log your Avid Media files clips. You will need suitable 3rd party codecs in order to playback the Avid MXF media files such as

If using calibrated plugins you will require these in order to import and playback Avid MXF files  and

Either drag the Avid Mediafiles folder into CatDV or configure the Worker node to see it as a watch folder. Any transcoded media digitized in Avid will appear in CatDV.

This will allow you to add metadata and log shots, create subclips and sequences within CatDV. These can then be sent to Avid via AAF and the media within Avid will relink. Metadata, markers in and out points will all come across from CatDV.

Within Avid you can log and subclip shots, add metadata to CatDV columns and then export these clips and subclips back to CatDV. The media will relink within CatDV to the Avid MediaFiles Folder.

Sequences can be constructed in CatDV and sent to Avid.

Sequences created in Avid can also be sent to CatDV.