If you are experiencing difficulties installing or using CatDV please check the system requirementsmanuals and FAQs first (or use the search box above) in case this is a known issue.

Please also check the download page to make sure you are using the latest available version of CatDV or Live Capture Plus, as all our products are regularly updated with both bug fixes and feature enhancements.

In most cases it is also worth making sure that your system software is up to date, in particular the versions of Java and QuickTime that you are using – see the requirements page for details and to make sure your system is compatible.

For users of our networked products we offer an optional annual support agreement. Please contact your reseller for details, and as the first point of contact for any support issues.

Customers who have purchased individual copies of CatDV from the web store are entitled to 30 days’ free technical support by email. Please contact support@squarebox.com if you require support.

When filing reports please provide a detailed description of the error, along with details of your system and which version of CatDV you are using. A log file called “CatDV Error Log” or “CatDV Live Capture Log” is normally written to disk and it would be very helpful if you email us a copy of this file, together with any related files such as batch lists or project files that we need to reproduce your problem.

Use our feedback / contact form if you would like to provide general feedback or make a feature request, or if you want to subscribe to one of our mailing lists.