This document describes the Web Client introduced with CatDV Server 6.9. (The new CatDV Web 2 interface is described in a separate document.)

Browser Support

The CatDV Web Client uses the Google Web Toolkit (the same technology as used by online services such as GMail) to provide a rich user interface experience based around HTML, Javascript, CSS and AJAX technologies, also known as Web 2.0. It is compatible with the following web browsers on Mac and Windows (note that the QuickTime browser plugin needs to be installed to play movies if you are on Windows):

  • Chrome
  • Safari 4 or newer
  • Firefox 3 or newer
  • Internet Explorer 8 or newer


The Web Client product is controlled by a separate license activation code from that for the CatDV Server (and Live HTML Publisher) and you need to enter both codes in the server control panel.