The Live HTML Publisher consists of Java servlets and JSPs (Java Server Pages) that communicate with the CatDV MySQL database to display the contents of the database. The interface is based around separate web pages. The following pages are available as standard. Although functional as provided, these pages are intended as templates that can be customised by the user as required.


Browses the database, returning a list of all the catalogs in the database together with a brief summary of the contents of each catalog (dates, tapes, and clip types included in that catalog).


Provides details of a particular catalog, including a list of all the clips in that catalog.


Provides details of a particular clip, including thumbnail, a list of all the main clip properties (organized into logging fields, technical fields, and other metadata fields), and a link to the preview media if available.


Provides a list of all the properties for a clip. (This is designed to aid customization of the web interface by helping you choose which clip properties to include in your custom JSP pages.)


A form in which to enter the parameters for a search.


The page that displays the results of a search, which may either be a list of matching catalogs or of matching clips.


Displays brief statistics about the database (total number of clips stored, etc.)


Display various system properties. This isn’t part of the Live HTML Publisher user interface but may be useful for diagnostic purposes during initial set up.