What is CatDV?

For companies that create or manage a large volume of digital media CatDV helps teams organize, communicate and collaborate effectively. Its simple, yet powerful tools support some of the world’s most sophisticated media workflows and provide the flexibility to work your way. 

CatDV is a media asset management system that consists of a suite of products, providing a scalable, cross-platform, media asset database that can handle a very wide range of file types.

CatDV creates a catalog of all kinds of media assets, not just video (although enhanced support for video content is included) but also still images, audio files, PDFs, etc. You can log metadata against your media making is searchable using key words, not just clip titles. It also provides analysis and transcoding of media files with advanced logging tools, sequence editing and integration with non-linear editing applications.

CatDV Components


With its scalable and modular architecture the CatDV product family has an offering that’s right for every user.

Small CatDV Essential Systems

  • Secured for up to 8 named users
  • Custom metadata
  • Web upload
  • Automated storage indexing
  • Simple mac deployment and configuration
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Mid Sized, CatDV Enterprise Systems

  • Workgroup capabilities plus:
  • Support for larger, cross-team collaboration
  • Advanced security controls
  • Compatible of MS SQL and Oracle databases
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Larger CatDV Pegasus Systems

  • Enterprise capabilities plus:
  • Support for many millions of assets and hunreds of users
  • Lightening fast search engine
  • Audit reporting and analystics
  • Clip level access control rules
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CatDV Sector Solutions