This function shows headline archive statistics including the times taken to archive and restore each day. This can be useful for capacity planning.

Choose ‘StorNext Status’ from the Tools menu.

The first launch will result in a dialogue box requesting the Worker IP address (which is saved for subsequent use).


Then the statistics are shown. Note that the /CatDVArchive/Results folder needs to be shared according to the Archive Additions installation guide.


The key columns are:

  • Date: Date of the statistics in the format yyyy/mm/dd
  • Total XYZ Time: Total time taken in seconds for the archive/retrieve jobs
  • Total XYZ Size MB: Total size in megabytes for the archive/retrieve jobs
  • XYZ Count: Total of how many archive/retrieve jobs completed
  • XYZ. AVG Size MB: Average size in megabytes of the archive/retrieve jobs
  • XYZ. AVG Time sec: Average time in seconds for the archive/retrieve jobs

Note that if ‘StorNext Status’ is launched on the same machine as the Worker that is running the archive additions, entering an IP address may fail due to security restrictions. If this happens launch /SN_PROD421/Results/results.jar to view statistics.