The Archive Additions require:

  • CatDV Worker running on mac OSX 10.6 or above
  • CatDV Server on either mac or Windows
  • CatDV Pro or above
  • CatDV Worker 4 or above
  • ADA 3.2.99 or above

This document assumes the Archive Additions have already been installed according to the installation guide.

Assets (footage etc.) must be accessible to both the CatDV desktop (CatDV Pro, Enterprise or Pegasus) and the CatDV Worker. For the worker to archive or backup assets it must have read access to storage. For the CatDV Worker to be able to delete assets as part of an archive or purge operation it must have permission to delete items from storage.

The Archive Additions use the CatDV ‘Media Path’ extensively for operation. CatDV provides functions for path mapping (so that for example Windows and mac machines can access the same footage at different network paths). This guide assumes all path mappings needed have been set up before-hand.

The Archive Additions are also dependent on the policies for data retention set-up in the ADA.