CatDV Pegasus Server introduces a number of new features to CatDV Server aimed at supporting and managing larger deployments:

  1. Advanced Search Engine – using full-text indexing to allow fast free-text searches over the complete database and also supporting search hints.
  2. Enhanced Permissions System – based on Access Control Lists allowing far greater control over catalog and clip permissions.
  3. Full Audit Logging – logs every update to every clip and stores per-clip and per-catalog usage information.
  4. Reporting Support – allows detailed reports to be created presenting vital usage statistic in wither tabular or graphical formats.
  5. Support for encrypted databases.
  6. Group-based administration – non-system admin users can configure their group.
  7. Database flexibility – the ability to use Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, in addition to MySQL.

These features require a Pegasus Server license.