CatDV Solutions


CatDV has a near unmatched ability to integrate with a range of partner tools and technologies, with over 40 partners and integrations we are one of the best connected MAMs in the industry.

Sector Solutions

CatDV is deployed across a wide range of sectors, from Sports to Houses of Worship, from Military to Education. Unlike other options, CatDV has a unique mix of power and simplicity, with tools that are relevant and easily customised to suit a wide range of environments. Each sector has its own challenges and these pages show how CatDV meets them challenges.


Case Studies

One of CatDV’s strengths is its flexibility. We have hundreds of commercial deployments and several thousand individual users. Here are some case studies that show a variety of live CatDV deployments:


We like to think CatDV has a unique mix of flexibility, power, simplicity and cost.

As a result there’s no such thing as a typical deployment.

This section describes some workflows that CatDV can easily support:

Extending CatDV

CatDV has several mechanisms that make it easy to tailor workflows and integrate with other hardware and software.

These include the CatDV Worker, Web Services REST API, Server API, and our ever increasing number of approved CatDV partners solutions.

Professional Services

If you have requirements that go beyond what is routinely offered as part of technical support, or you’d like to extend the capabilities of CatDV, you might be interested in our Professional Services offerings. CatDV Professional Services can build new CatDV components and features, as well as help with custom deployment and configuration.