This tutorial will guide the user on how to set up an Mlogic LTO tape drive with a Mac for archiving and retrieving media from the tape drive in conjunction with CatDV.

For a PC tutorial, click here.


Plug the tape drive into your Mac using the provided Thunderbolt connector.

As a pre-requisite to using the drive you will also need to install tape drivers to enable the drive to be viewed as a Volume by the system. In this example the YoYottaID software ( has been downloaded and installed.

Open up the CatDV Desktop Client software.

Then open up a catalog with files to be archived and select/multi select them.

Click on Tools->Archive Media Files.

This will open the Archive Media Files dialog window.

Click on the on configure button to set up the archiving/restoring to the newly assigned tap drive.

Set the “Archive System” to “Other” and click the OK button to save the details.

Enter the current tape drive location details.

And then click on the desired options prior to clicking the “Archive” button to start the archiving process.

Once the files have been archived you can review the file location in a finder window.

You can also check the archive status of the media files in CatDV Desktop Client.

To restore the files, simply open up the catalog and select the files to be restored, then click on Tools->Restore Media Files.

Insert the correct tape into the tape drive and click the “Restore” button to start the restore process.

The files will now appear as being “Online” in CatDV Desktop Client indicating that the restore was successful.

Square Box Systems Ltd July 2017