FCP X now supports full metadata import from CatDV. It is now possible to send all of your metadata fields from CatDV  to FCP X using the ‘send to FCP X’ command or Export As Final Cut Pro  X XML from CatDV.

Add metadata to any of your CatDV fields and this will be transferred across with your clips.

Select the clips for export to FCP X and locate File/Export As/Send to Final Cut pro X (alternatively you can save a Final Cut Pro X XML to the desktop or network)

Within FCP X locate the new Event created and select one clip. Show the inspector to reveal the metadata columns. The basic view within FCP X will only show information such as Start and End timecodes. To view additional metadata columns from CatDV it is best to create a new metadata view.

basic view 2

Select Edit Metadata View from the metadata view shortcut drop down.

edit metadata view 3


FCP X will list all the available metadata columns it has created. To find CatDV specific metadata fields click on the ‘Origin’ heading to sort the categories.  Locate the CatDV origin fields. All your metadata columns that have data added to them will appear in the list. Tick the box to add them to this new view.

Select ‘Save Metadata View As’ to save the current template. In the Save As dialogue name it CatDV.

This view will now contain your CatDV metadata fields.

Any new CatDV fields created will appear within the FCP X  metadata fields view if they contain metadata. These fields can then be added to any of your metadata views by ticking the box on the left and adding them to the view.

Creating metadata fields within FCP X

Any metadata fields created in FCP X can also be exported to CatDV. These appear in CatDV as Metadata (purple) fields. When exporting the XML from FCP X you will need to select the metadata view that contains the custom field.

xml column 5

This is also true for any other metadata fields you wish to export to CatDV the field must be included in the metadata view selected when exporting the XML

Once the XML is imported into CatDV you will need to add these to your Details Panels or Column Views in order to display the metadata.


Make sure that ‘Use latest Version (fcpxml 1.2) is selected in the Final Cut and Sequences preferences of CatDV.