CatDV has exceptional integration with a number of leading NLEs.

CatDV can share metadata with the editing software and receive meta-data updates back from them. This round trip metadata management can be critical for invaluable as sequences are rough cut in CatDV and feedback sent to the editors and finishing teams.

Adobe Premiere


The CatDV Advanced Premiere Pro content panel is a brand new development that adds powerful CatDV search and preview functions to Premiere Pro CC 2014 and above.

Find out more about our Adobe Premiere Panel here, or …

See this guide on how to work with Adobe Premiere using the send to command.

Apple Final Cut 7 and X

Final Cut Pro X Logo

CatDV works best when at the centre of your workflow. CatDV works with Final cut allowing you to send and receive clip and sequence. Find out more about the Final Cut Pro Workflow here, or …

Find out more about our integration with Final Cut Pro 7, or with Final Cut X, and also how to move between Final Cut 7 and Final Cut X.

Avid Media Composer


CatDV has rounndtrip integration with Avid Media Composer using our Pegasus Desktop Client.

Find out more about our Pegaus Desktop client here, or …

See our guide on the CatDV and Avid MXF Workflow.