We thrive on feedback, and know that folks have a range of products to choose from. We believe CatDV offers a mix of flexibility, power, simplicity and cost and are already convinced CatDV is a great product. As a result here’s some real feedback from our customers that show at least some of them agree !

Thanks for such an amazing program.It allows me to source files with great speed and ease


This product is really a very well-designed, simple-to-use yet very powerful tool. If I were still a programmer, I’d want to work for you guys. You clearly know how to write clean, nice software. Great product


Software is FANTASTIC !!! We’re wondering how we worked this long without it.


I (and my editors) are extremely impressed with the CatDV toolbox as an asset management solution, project tool, and workflow manager. In FCSvr, I had done a great deal of customization of workflows and written a lot of scripts… I’m very happy to see most of the same functionality in CatDV and Worker Node, most of the functionality is easier and works more reliably than it did in FCSvr, very cool!


CatDV Worker node is an amazing workflow automation tool. We’re nearing the end of an install that will ultimately automate hundreds of videos a day and thousands of photos, and manage (via CatDV server edition) a library of close to 5 million assets.


Definitely for post production and media management there is nothing even remotely close to CatDV


Definitely for post production and media management there is nothing even remotely close to CatDV


CatDV is a VERY interesting way of “seeing” all of the media in your project… lets you browse media in a way that FCP (or AVID) doesn’t even come close to achieving. It really does represent a quantum leap forward in seeing your media choices OUTSIDE of the typical project structure.


I am very impressed with the user-friendly interface compared to some other products I have tested and your search option is very extensive and fast!


We have a 70TB media server with a large quantity of P2 media on it and have been using a temporarily licensed demo version to test your product before making a purchase. I am very impressed with the extensive features, flexibility, ability to customize user preferences and your willingness listen to client input as you develop your software.


We’re about 3 months into Workgroup Server and we are really loving what it is doing for us. It is working splendidly for us and is nothing short of fantastic! … You have been very helpful ever since I discovered your product just after Hurricane Katrina, all those years ago. You were exceptionally helpful as we were out of town in a disaster area and having to find a product which would read time-date metadata. Your product was the only one that would do it and your personal and prompt assistance in expediting a licensing issue has never been forgotten.


FCS 1.5 = CatDV 7 – 15 features + 100 hassles!


We just launched Workgroup Server and are loving it… used your client software for years now, and I must say the server is a GREAT addition


CatDV is a real find and has revolutionised my editing process!


I like your product – I like having control of where all the files are!


We have been using CatDV for many months on our new programme and it has been fantastic. The software is great and has been a real life saver for our 100 x 30min HD programmes. CatDV is our central shot tracking database.


Going with Square Box Systems for our web site was the best decision we could have made.


I find Live Capture and the integration between the two programs to be wonderfully designed and executed. Congratulations.


WOW! CatDV is a beauty! I really like having the clip details open all the time and the filmclip display is wonderful. What a great interface. Thanks.


May I say what a pleasure it is to buy software from people who so sensibly, conscientiously and regularly upgrade it.


I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending CatDV to anyone who needs a robust video cataloguing solution.


Great website. Very informative and clean layout inspires confidence.


I recently stumbled upon your great product on the web and it was like a religious experience. I was surfing the web and found myself reading about your product – something I’d been searching for the past 6 years! See, we have over 800 hours of niche stock footage sitting in bins in our office… When I saw what CatDV did, I was amazed!!! It’s going to revolutionize our company to be sure. Right now I’m using it to manage two long-form docs for PBS we have to on-line in a couple of months. With roughly 50 sources tapes per project it would be impossible without CatDV.


I LOVE the way LCPlus captures to another drive then converts to the intended destination drive. This allows me to capture to a NAS over ethernet, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible.


We’ve now purchased CatDV and the workflow is working a treat, saving us lots of time locating material… thanks again for your patient answers while we evaluated the software.


Thank you very much for all of your help, the software’s terrific and will make our work much much easier.


Your software is fantastic, it has really started working for me – I had dirty heads on the camera and that was causing capture problems but I fixed that and it is great now. Thanks!


I test server version and all looks good. I was impressed when I successfully open on PC my CatDV catalog with Russian metadata, which was created on Mac


I’m very happy with my recent purchase of CatDV Pro. Thanks for an extremely useful and intuitive program!


Quite a few current apps seem to be in this space… in my research, only CatDV is suitable for professional use today.


I just downloaded and installed the software and started pushing buttons – I have not even read the manual yet. It is absolutely great! The time I will save typing and the creative edge it will give me is truly wonderful.


CatDV is the best editing tool I ever bought. In my case, I print out the catalogue, bind it, and I have a permanent record of all my rushes with all info for myself & my client (date, time, duration of shot, etc). I then go through this printout, make notes, and then either capture the whole tape, or selected parts. Been using it 2 years now – don’t know how I ever did without it.


Thanks very much for your prompt help, it’s greatly appreciated and inspires confidence in working with your product… The project I’m working on is a six part documentary series to be broadcast in Canada on the Bravo Network. We have 250 hours of footage for the series. We’re about halfway through the first episode and the editor is already a fan of CatDV.


Fantastic, thanks for the great support. Also, thanks for making such a great program, in my opinion, CatDV is by far the best program around for organising DV video tapes.


Product looks like it is just what I was looking for and more so far. I have built up quite a collection of tapes over the years and am now proceeding to try and properly catalogue them… From here on I shall be using this with all new tapes produced. I particularly like the fact you can define user specific fields to then search on. Seems like you guys have the best product in this field I have found so far.


I just captured a tape in LCPlus… the Sony deck was running on battery which died but when I plugged it in it continued, it worked like a charm. I really like the new ease of use in Live Capture Plus.


Let me say that live capture plus and catdv pro are great applications!


I downloaded CatDV this morning, bought my first license soon after lunch, and now I am ready to ask about volume licenses for my company! I am just blown away with this application.


I’ve been using CatDV 3.0 for several years and love it. Looking forward to this new version!


Our TV Broadcast in Jakarta, Indonesia running for 18hrs/day, Fantastic, thanks for the great support. Also, thanks for making such a great program.


This tool is absolutely invaluable! I can’t thank you enough!!!


Fantastic! Your response to customer problems is unmatched… I wish my vendors here were as responsive as you in dealing with software issues!


Live Capture Plus To The Rescue… Was playing with that footage last night, tried capturing one clip of the whole tape in FCP, no go, stopped after the fifth clip, error on tape. Fired up LCPlus, captured the whole section in DV quality. LCPlus captured the clips in very close to real time (only rewound once) on the dual 2Ghz G5, hardly registered on the activity monitor. It even stopped gracefully at the end of the timecode.


Amazing! CatDV is simply one of the very few must have tools for anyone doing video, amateur or professional. Thank you for providing software that does what you say it will and is so easy to use and understand. Simply Brilliant and Beautiful.


I’m quite amazed by the features and possibilities [of CatDV] SF

I purchased CatDV Personal Edition to catalogue over 40 hours of archive material and another 40 hours of field tape material for a documentary I’m working on. I didn’t get a single penny for purchasing the product, therefore, I bought it out of my own pocket, knowing that I’m the one who will keep the product, and not them. What a great product, I had been looking for something like this for a long time! …I have checked a whole bunch of cataloguing solutions, which are supposed to be the cream of the crop, and hell, they suck! Your’s is the best by far.


Thank you, thank you and thank you…!! CatDV is what I’ve been after for many months, as I’ve just started organizing/digitizing 15 years of video (spread on about 100 8mm and Hi8 video-cassettes). Before I found CatDV I’ve had nightmares about this.


This is the tool I’ve been looking for! My long format documentaries can run to the hundreds and sometimes thousands of hours. CatDV keeps me on top of the material.


Let me add what an incredible time saver CatDV Pro was over the last few days. I’m putting together a 15 min drama that was filmed on these three DVCAM tapes. Searching thorough many many takes, creating lots sub-clips in catdvpro, then outputting a batch log for Final Cut Pro. It worked like a champ. Really appreciate the intregration with FCP. We also use a Media 100 and will be testing that later.


Am really enjoying the program and have found it very very useful. Lots of cool stuff in there.


It is absolutely amazing what you’ve done with cataloging of all media. This seems to compete with iphoto, cumulus, portfolio, etc.


I am impressed by your prompt response. Thank you for your excellent service!


Thanks for a VERY useful product.


a truly invaluable product… the view tape as sequence is a brilliant feature.


The more I learn your application – the more I love it. Incredible tool, wow !!


I love your product. It took me no more than 2 hours to realize it’s a product I can’t live without. In fact, I don’t know what I was doing without it!


I’ve just looked at CatDV for the first time and I’m quite amazed by the features and possibilities.


We think that CatDV in this new version is an absolutely splendid tool…congratulations on an excellent product!


The program has proven itself to be a tremendous asset to our production.


This is an incredible product. The html export is awesome. It does everything I’ve been looking for in my quest for DV tools to start my web based stock footage business.


I have been working with the DV format since the very beginning both as a producer and also on the ‘technical’ side. Over the past few years I have been looking for a media management tool which does exactly what CatDV does. I have looked at all the ‘big-boys’ solutions such as Virage as well as many ‘shareware’ databases and none of them comes close to what CatDV does.


I find it much more convenient to log my footage with CatDV. That takes only one pass on the master tape (as would dubbing to VHS) but it gives me a preview clip along with in/out points and lots of other information. When I have selected the shots I want to use, I just export the list to FCP and go from there. In all, with my method I only make a total of two passes on the tape — one to catalog and the other to capture.


I’ve been using CatDV for some time now, and i find it a real godsend for managing my media, both as archive and for those projects with lots of material that i need to sort out.


Charge more money for this (not to me right now though :-). There are many professionals out there that would love a product like this!


I am very impressed! …CatDV appears to fill a major hole… All features are useful. While I initially just wanted a method of logging tapes using scene detection I now intend to use this as a database for clips. Also a great way to archive old projects before removing them from the system.


I love your program… I have used it in 6 hours to capture 832 individual clips from 4 hours of tape. A feat that is fairly phenomenal.


What a brilliant product! I can see me using it as a pre-editor. It will work so well for amateur users like me who want to scrunch down hours of holiday and still be able to get the rest years afterward. And for building a capture log around a theme you hadn’t planned, it’s perfect. I particularly liked your choice of icons in the main window view. All those subtly different jagged bits of film, like you are supposed to think carefully as well as look carefully. That’s style!


I am soon off to Afghanistan and grateful to have CatDV as it will greatly speed up my time logging and preparing a script, thanks!


The manual was very well done. The “How do I” section is especially helpful… Thanks for a great program. I’ve only had it a few weeks, but now I can’t imagine editing without it!


Thanks for a great program! The “flattened movie” export is a HUGE disk saver.


“I love CatDV and believe it will be able to revolutionize the way I work with my footage! I am very keen to get more footage organized and into catalogs.”


This program seems to be exactly what i need and the price is great!


thanks for a great tool.


“rocks 🙂 nice one”


“Everything is going well here… My largest catalog is over 1300 clips and still growing. It is a great asset to our production since we finally have a superb record of all we have shot on one of our trips. Hopefully we will soon have time to go further back in the archives and catalog the last years work!”


“Try CatDV. I use their Create Capture Log on a regular basis. No fuss, no muss. That tool alone is worth $70.”


integrates nicely… It also builds a database of all of your tapes, which in the long run may turn out to be its best feature.


My first impression is that your software is intuitive and simple. It would take some naming tricks to work for me – but it works very nice. I spent about 5 minutes (including learning) to do what it took all afternoon to do. Wow!


works very well …saves lots of time and helps you organizing your video stuff.


Thank you for conceiving, distributing and ever improving this unique application.


I spent many days using CatDV Pro to catalogue my tapes. Today when I finished I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could print out an index with thumbnails! You saved me many, many hours of work! I love your product.


I commend you on your work and your prompt response to my questions. Thank you.