Partners and Integration

CatDV has a near unmatched ability to integrate with a range of partner tools and technologies.

Operating System and Database Platform

CatDV’s powerful clients run on Windows and OSX. In server settings Mac and PC clients can co-exist and collaborate on the same CatDV catalogues. The CatDV server can run on the same operating systems and a variety of database management systems including MySQL, Oracle and Micrsoft SQL Server.

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Codecs and Interchange

There are a number of integration tools that further improve the CatDV experience. For playback of MXF footage within CatDV the Calibrated and MXF4mac codecs are an excellent companion product.Avid MME supports data export into Avid by converting Final Cut Pro XML to AAF.

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Storage and Archiving

CatDV can operate with a wide range of tiered storage. We support many storage solutions (in fact anything that can present itself as part of the file system) and in addition have many proven deployments with Facilis and Studio Network Solutions. On the archiving side, CatDV can track on-line  and off-line media and its location. We have integrations available with: Archiware, Atempo, 1 Beyond, Cache-A, DAX, Facilis, Quantum, SNS, Storage DNA and XenData.

We’re constantly increasing the list of products we work alongside so please contact us if you need to use an archive or storage system not listed here

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CatDV has exceptional integration with a number of leading NLEs. CatDV can share metadata with the editing software and receive meta-data updates back from them. This round trop metadata management can be critical for invaluable as sequences are rough cut in CatDV and feedback sent to the editors and finishing teams. CatDV integrates with  Final Cut 7, Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer (via MME above).

In addition the CatDV Premiere plug-in allows search and retrieval of media from CatDV directly inside the Adobe Premiere interface.

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CatDV’s latest integrations with distribution software allows you to push your assets even further. Akomi is an online platform allowing you to make your content easily available to everyone. FileCatalyst is a software platform designed to accelerate and manage file transfers securely and reliably

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Dialogue Search

CatDV has an integration with the award winning Nexidea Dialogue Search products. Media can be analysed by Nexidea tools, and dialogue markers sent back to CatDV for searching alongside all other meta data. Take a look at this great demo video showing both products in action.



CatDV For TriCaster runs directly on the TriCaster platform and brings metadata management to this leading live Production and publication solution. Users can search the CatDV database and bring assets into the TriCaster for play out etc. The plug-in also operates with 3Play and is available as a free of charge update for all CatDV Web licensees.