CatDV Mid Sized Enterprise Systems

The CatDV Enterprise Server provides a great collaboration platform, adding configurable security (via CatDV production groups), simple logging of user activity, shared configurations between users, and powerful search options.
CatDV Enterprise server is ideal for deployments with up to a few million assets.
Each user has individual sign-in credentials, and the CatDV user interface can be configured to display different metadata for each user. Access to different categories of assets can be controlled via CatDV Production Groups e.g. specific users can be restricted to only access assets relating to a specific customer, project, film, department etc.
Cirque Do Soleil

An example of an Enterprise scale customer Cirque Du Soleil. On a daily basis Cirque Du Soleil producers, creative directors, choreographers, marketing executives and freelance collaborators use CatDV to find and browse assets, to research old performances, plan new shows, and prepare materials for corporate communications. All of the footage, including the historic archive materials from 1984-94, is tagged with a range of labels.

They can quickly ingest, log and tag clips using CatDV Professional, and using the CatDV Web Client can easily perform searches, make playlists, create mini-assemblies and export these to Final Cut, or send us an XML for us to start the editorial.

One of the CatDV workstations is dedicated to ingest, proxy generation, logging and tagging. A CatDV Worker Node is also used to make copies and proxies of the ingested footage, and the proxies and native footage reside on the 88TB Xsan. The Cirque Du Soleil team also writes scripts for the CatDV Worker Node to copy and deliver materials to archive using Archiware PresStore and Quantum systems.

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