CatDV Servers

CatDV is designed for stand-alone and networked operation. CatDV Servers allow for networked operation and use a powerful client-server architecture and central shared database, allowing media catalogs to be searched and updated by multiple users concurrently.

There are three types of CatDV Server:

CatDV Pegasus Server

CatDV Pegasus Server is CatDV’s top of the line server, suitable for the very largest enterprise deployments, with demanding requirements. Pegasus
Server includes:

How it works
  • Accelerated search engine with lightning
 fast text search, and auto-suggest.
  • Full audit capability, tracking every change to the CatDV database.
  • A reporting
 and analytics engine with sample system 
and content usage reports.
  • Flexible access control
 rules for custom user permissions.
  • Ability to use Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases, in addition to MySQL.
  • Support for encrypted databases.
  • Group-based administration – non-system admin users can configure their group.
  • Core AI integration with leading AI vendors, AI analysis aggregators and on premise partners. Find out more.

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CatDV Enterprise Server

If you work in a large department or production facility, CatDV Enterprise Server gives you all the benefits of CatDV Professional Edition and the Workgroup Server but with the option of applying controls so that users only see and work with files relevant to their current project, along with other tools to simplify sharing data within the team

How it works
  • Authentication and logging
  • Configurable access control, with a flexible users, groups and permissions model
  • Server-based handling of preference settings to ensure that everyone working on a production has the same settings such as pick list values or preview settings Shared group documents, such as a To Do list or production ‘blog’
  • Shared clip lists and smart folders
  • Tape library management
  • Extra tools to simplify browsing clips on the server.
  • Available for most common server platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X

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CatDV Workgroup Server

CatDV Workgroup Server is our entry level server product, and is ideal for small teams with up to 8 users.

How it works
  • Workgroup Server – central store for asset metadata, bringing consistency, clarity, and easy retrieval of content across smaller workgroups
  • CatDV Workgroup Server manages metadata and thumbnails that are store in a core SQL database
  • No need to change your file organisation and workflow – media files are stored on your network or digitized from tape when required as you would previously, but CatDV helps you locate them quickly and easily
  • CatDV Workgroup Server is available for most common server platforms including Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Manages unlimited assets

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