Download Server 7.1


Server 7 represents a major step forward in CatDV technology. It includes several changes to how metadata is stored that add flexibility and scaleability to the system. As a result it is vital to take a back up before installing Server 7 (the software prompts for a backup to be taken during the installation process).

For customers upgrading from server 6.x, metadata structures will be migrated during the update to server 7.

Server 6 customers can benefit from a guided upgrade via the square box support team, please contact Customers that do not take a guided upgrade will not be eligible for technical support.


You must follow the procedure outlined below when upgrading to Server 7.1.

Failure to follow the proper steps could lead to unrecoverable data loss. Please follow these instructions carefully.

Please also note you must be under a valid maitenancne support contract to upgrade to Server 7.1.


IMPORTANT: CatDV Server 7 stores its metadata in a different way from previous versions or CatDV Server. The upgrade process must therefore migrate your data from the old format to the new format. This step cannot be undone so it is vital that your data is properly backed up before you start in case it becomes necessary to roll back your installation.

It is also recommended that if you are currently using the in-built database you should consider switching to MySQL for better efficiency and reliability. The MySQL installation guide can be found at the following link:


Migration to Server 7.1 requires that all CatDV Production Groups are assigned a named Field Set. (Preferably all Production Groups should use the same Field Set, but that is not a requirement.)

IMPORTANT: If you do not assign a named Field Set to each Production Group before starting the upgrade, the data migration process will not be able to run and you will have to roll back to Server 6 and assign Field Sets to your groups. Please use the following tutorial for setting up Field sets.


Please use the following tutorial if you are upgrading from Server 6 to Server 7.

Please note there is a new method for web proxy path mappings in Server 7 – there is a tutorial available online.

Please download server 7 here …

CatDVServer7.1.3.dmg (Mac OS X) [150M]
CatDVServer7.1.3.exe (Windows) [97M]
CatDVServer7.1.3.tgz (Generic Unix/Linux) [51M]

As a reminder: You MUST back up your database before upgrading from Server 6.x to Server 7!