Larger CatDV Pegasus Systems

CatDV Pegasus Server Systems are based on our top of the line products, suitable for the largest, and most demanding, distributed workflows with millions of assets and hundreds of users.

CatDV Pegasus server can handle many millions of assets with its advanced search engine, optimized for Google style, text searches against very large databases.

Pegasus Server based systems also add Access Control Rules, for sophisticated security needs, a full audit capability, plus reporting and analytics capabilities.

Dorna Sports S.L.

An example of one of our Pegasus scale customers is Dorna Sports S.L. who are a highly acclaimed international sports management and marketing company, headquartered in Madrid. It is the commercial rights holder for most of the world’s top motorcycle sport events.

In 2014, Dorna replaced their aging Final Cut Server system with a large scale, custom built CatDV MAM installation. Over 800,000 media assets were migrated onto a new CatDV Server in Barcelona, with the MAM database being accessed via a mix of fixed desktop and web based logging clients. Dorna Editors make extensive use of the CatDV plugin panel for Adobe Premiere, enabling the CatDV media catalogues to be searched from within Premiere and media to be imported directly into a Premiere bin for editing. Dorna archivists use the high-end CatDV Pegasus client for its enhanced rough-cut editing and logging capabilities.

A subset of the Barcelona CatDV server is installed in the Dorna Sports team post-production trackside unit. This is taken around the world to individual racing circuits, where motorcycle race footage is logged and tagged locally, before the media is then uploaded to the master CatDV Server in Barcelona. Contingency is built-in through the use of “cold stand-by” servers running copies of the master CatDV Server software.


You can find out more information about the Pegasus Server here.