CatDV for Corporate Video

The Asset Management Challenge

Modern organisations need, more than ever to communicate with their stakeholders: both within and outside the company. Video and audio content now proliferates the companies, across executive briefings, earnings calls, strategic communications, for regulatory requirements, advertising and marketing or staff training, These ‘assets’ can be spread throughout the organisation, on external drives, across teams, with search and retrieval dependent on key individuals at best.

Managing this content: where is it stored, in which formats, how it is secured, shared and found is a real challenge. And an expensive one: storage needs for growing video formats is costly, security requirements are rigorous and IT policies often inflexible.

At the same time, this content is valuable: to engage staff, for business development, for press and investor relations, and as a record of corporate history. How do organisations unlock the value in these media assets?

CatDV Benefits

CatDV meets these challenges. With its enterprise friendly, extensible and secure tools, CatDV manages a wide variety of assets across their lifecycle: across shoot, screen, secure and search. CatDV also manages content across an increasingly complex storage landscape: whether on premise, data centre or cloud, across on-line and archive technologies. CatDV always knows where content is, how to find it: putting the right content in the hands of the right teams at the right time.

Unlike other options, CatDV has a unique mix of power and simplicity, with tools that are relevant and easily customised. With freely available APIs, CatDV is a perfect choice for an organisation with demanding integration needs. CatDV’s track record, with more than 1200 enterprise deployments make it a safe choice, supporting millions of assets and demanding workflows in some of world’s largest, and most sophisticated organisations.

Workflows and content

Corporations have a wide variety of content including corporate communications, training, briefings, investor relations, health and safety, news, press coverage, business change and strategy, advertising and marketing

Typical workflows in corporate video include:

    • self service search, find and retrieve content across the enterprise
    • manage content across all storage tiers: on-line, near line, archive, LTO / LTFS tape and cloud
    • supporting creative teams generating new content, whilst tracking status and progress
    • sharing content outside the organisation, to social media, the internet and other stakeholders
    • storing and presenting training materials
    • managing a historic record, and team biographies

CatDV Track Record

CatDV has successful deployments with a range of sports customers including:

  • Toro
  • AT&T
  • Intel
  • Best Buy
  • Polycomm
  • BART
  • Solar Turbines
  • Walgreens
  • Metlife
  • Canon
  • Nationwide insurance
  • Wyndham Vacations
  • Salesforce
  • Wells Fargo
  • Target
  • G-Star Raw
  • Finstar
  • Gaylord Opryland
  • Hasbro
  • Monstanto
  • Playboy
  • GE
  • Iron Mountain
  • Marriot Hotels
  • Ovation guitars
  • Specialised bicycle
  • Norwegian Cruise Lines
  • Rio Tinto
  • Starwood hotels
  • Tigi Bedhead
  • Staples
  • Citibank
  • Primerica
  • Canadian Tire
  • Body
  • Cantos Communications
  • Comart
  • Delta Airlines
  • Ernst and Young
  • Franklin Templeton
  • Florida Power and Light

Find out more with our customer case studies:


Metadata requirements in corporate video are varied and include, for example:

    • Event details: name, date, time
    • Key Participants, and roles
    • Asset Rating 1 through 5
    • Technical Crew: Director, Producer, Editor
    • Location
    • Distribution locations, broadcast dates and locations
    • Usage rights and rules: internal, public etc
    • Creative Agency
    • Validity and expiry dates
    • Version information
    • Footage type: corporate communications training, briefings, investor relations, health and safety, news, press coverage