XenData and CatDV

XenData_logo_white_on_blue-300x109XenData is a global provider of digital video archiving solutions tailored specifically to serve the media and entertainment industry – with typical customers being TV stations, video production companies, post-production organizations and the media departments of large corporations and government organizations. With over 1,000 digital video archive systems installed in over 90 countries, XenData is trusted by some of the world’s largest media companies. Visit XenData to find out more.
A CatDV asset management system when integrated with a XenData Archive, provides a powerful and cost effective solution for management and long term retention of video assets on either LTO or Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) cartridges, or in the Azure Cloud.

Find out more about the North Shore Automation integration between CatDV and Xendata here North Shore Automation Module