StorageDNA and CatDV


DNA Evolution from StorageDNA provides one of the fastest and most tightly integrated ways to easily archive and restore CatDV assets. The LTO and LTFS-based archive and nearline solution enables a direct-connect infrastructure for archiving and restore speeds that are four times faster than network-based solutions, at over 1.2 Gb/sec.

StorageDNA helps media professionals to protect and manage file-based content, so they can work more efficiently and lower storage costs. DNA Evolution, the innovative LTO with LTFS workflow solution, allows users to easily archive, search, find, retrieve, and directly access digital assets at incredible speeds. DNA Evolution combines nearline and archive storage on LTO, and is the only software that maximizes the “disk-like” accessibility of linear tape file system. The ground-breaking platform enables the highest levels of archive-restore performance, allows new media workflows like conform from LTO, and delivers powerful search and browse to help speedup media pipelines in production and post production environments.

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