Quantum and CatDV


Don’t Settle; Accelerate and Scale

Confidently store, share, and retain your most important information with StorNext® Appliances.

Now you don’t have to choose between the shared-storage benefits of NAS and the high-performance scalability of a SAN.

StorNext data management software gives you the best of both worlds. By combining efficient file sharing and data archiving with transparent tiered storage, you get unrivalled performance and scalability. And that helps customers like you keep moving your business forward by storing information rapidly, sharing it across platforms, and preserving it cost-effectively over time. Learn more about Quantum StorNext data management appliances and how it helps other customers accelerate their business at www.quantum.com/StorNext.

How it Works

A collaborative solution from Quantum StorNext® and CatDV brings order to the mass of digital files in the Apple and Adobe Video Production Environments. The makers of CatDV and StorNext have integrated the hottest media asset management platform with the industry’s highest-performing shared file system and archive appliance in a solution offering to simplify deployment and lower the cost of managing video, audio, and rich media assets for collaborative video production environments.

Together, CatDV and StorNext are ideal for:
• Professional video production facilities using Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro
• Universities, corporate video, television stations and cable channels, churches, and libraries looking to catalogue content, re version, and store their content in a searchable archive
• Video professionals using HDSLR cameras and needing a replacement for physical film to protect and archive content
• Small to mid-sized environments that have limited resources to integrate and deploy a content archive solution

• Cost-effective archive for video production environments
• Strong integration for Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro environments
• Storage infrastructure from one vendor eliminates compatibility challenges
• ‘Tagging and Bagging’ of all types of media reduces the time spent searching for your assets
• Filtering the assets for specific users, e.g. loggers, editors, producers, etc.
• Ability to transcode your media for low- and highbandwidth users
• Integrated enterprise search across the archive
• Ability to archive entire project directories based on policies or on a file-by-file basis based on user direction
• Investment protection for video professionals worried about Apple’s commitment to the market
• Pre-defined recommended configurations based on StorNext appliances reduces costs
• Seamless upgrade or transfer from Xsan

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