Facilis and CatDV

Facilis-logo_Black-Blue-Trans-300x81From simple direct connect fibre channel to mixed ethernet and fibre, the Facilis TerraBlock is flexible and robust. Create your own facility production network around TerraBlock; add CatDV asset management and archive; connect network clients to the same volumes used by fibre connected workstations, or isolate the workgroup outside your IT environment. Anything is possible.


CatDV and Facilis Working Together

Similarities in functionality and set up make CatDV and Facilis easy and effective for managing and storing your content.

Both products are tailored to content creation, have aligned permissions models, operate cross-platform, scale to large numbers of users and assets, are simple to set up and administer plus are highly cost effective. For example …

Tailored to content creation

CatDV has unparalleled tools for content creators, with quick tagging, markers, sub-clips, and sequence support, plus integrations with all the main NLEs including Adobe, Final Cut and Avid

Facilis Terrablock is built to media entertainment industry requirements, specially for episodic television workflows, handling large file read and write seamlessly, using efficient network IO tailored to media workflows. Terrablock also supports Avid project sharing.

Aligned permissions models

CatDV permissions are set around roles and production groups, that control whether users can read, change, update, or delete any of the content.

Facilis have granular permissions covering either read write, read only and no access to certain volumes. Combined with CatDV this provides a great way to search without having to manually go through your storage.

Both products support integration with LDAP systems for naming which makes things easier to manage for corporate IT departments.

Cross platform

CatDV desktop clients can run on Windows or macs, servers can run on Windows, macs and linux. Deployment possible from local machines right through to data centres or cloud environments providing many flexible options for deployment across platforms.

Facilis also has a cross platform capability including  Fibre channel, Ethernet, GB Ethernet, Fibre channel drivers, 10 GB Ethernet drivers, and Facilis’ shared storage platform. Additionally Facilis supports use of multiple types operating systems and platforms at the same time.


CatDV can scale from single to hundreds to users. Starting with a standalone desktop solution, customers can move up through Workgroup and Enterprise Server deployments supporting many hundreds of users and millions of assets. CatDV can distribute servers across global implementations, handle clustered, fault tolerant databases where metadata is replicated between different CatDV systems in different locations.

Facilis systems average between 5 – 25 concurrent users, and up to 100 users can access storage with extremely high bandwidth.

Simple set up and administration

CatDV is designed to be simple to set up, including set up of custom metadata and custom workflows. It has point and click customization for both security and user interface makes it easy and cost effective to set up and install

Facilis has two options, either using the Terrablock Manager interface, or using the Command Line Interface (CLI) to autorun in the background. New volumes are easy to set up with various options for naming, location and security

Cost effective

CatDV costs can suit any size and budget from a few hundred dollars, to large, enterprise, customised systems. CatDV’s simple set up and customization also makes it very cost effective to deploy.

Facilis minimises costs by supporting support legacy infrastructure, allowing customers to make use of existing investments. Pricing is for a system, not per user, reducing cost of ownership overall.

Customer first support

CatDV has a well established support team, both in the US and the UK. The Maintenance Support option allows customers to receive all system upgrades, and priority technical support

For Facilis technical support, nothing is due for the year of purchase of the Terrablock system. The support team know the industry, with a number of ex-production, broadcast and engineering staff available to assist customers.

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