1 Beyond and CatDV


1 Beyond, Inc has been designing, building and integrating solutions for the video professional for over 15 years.With a broad product line including recorders, data backup solutions, editing systems, shared storage solutions and LTO archive products 1 Beyond has the product portfolio and industry experience to deliver the asset management and archive solution that’s suited to the customer’s requirements and workflow.

1 Beyond has been delivering CatDV solutions on 1 Beyond hardware since 2009.  Purpose-built unique solutions are 1 Beyond’s specialty.  These unique products incorporate CatDV for asset management: 1 Beyond NetDrive, LTOMac, Wrangler, EZHDSAN and Quad-Archiver to enable organizations to begin archive in the field (if they wish) and continue it in the post-facility.  With the Quad-Archiver, organizations can now record 4 streams from independently controlled tape decks to LTO tape and track assets in CatDV for digitizing complete video libraries.

Take a look at this video showing our products working together: