Codecs and Interchange

There are a number of integration tools that further improve the CatDV experience. For playback of MXF footage within CatDV the Calibrated and MXF4mac codecs are an excellent companion product. Avid MME supports data export into Avid by converting Final Cut Pro XML to AAF.


Calibrated{Q} Import plugins are cross-platform QuickTime plugins for native Importing and Playback of select MXF or MP4 Files in QuickTime Player on Windows & OSX, and in Final Cut Studio 2 Applications and other QuickTime-enabled applications on OSX.

Calibrated{Q} Decode Codecs are cross-platform QuickTime Codecs giving users the ability to finally share and view QuickTime Movies without being locked to a computer using Final Cut Pro. Calibrated{Q} Decode Codecs can also be used in conjunction with Calibrated{Q} MXF Import to turn QuickTime Player into a native MXF Player.

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A new era of native MXF integration on the Mac has begun. Learn more about native and conversion-free realtime access to a broad range of MXF variations with MXF Import QT and P2 Flow. Re-wrap or convert QuickTime compatible media to standard MXF with D10 Export QT and D10 Export FCP. MXF Info provides comprehensive analyzing technologies to disclose all hidden secrets of MXF. Check the Service area to learn more about compatible devices and improve your MXF workflow.