CatDV Worker 7.0

CatDV Worker has always been a
simple, yet powerful tool for automating
workflows and media logistics. Worker 7 now fits in even more enterprise environments: whether cloud, data centre, on premise, or hybrid. Worker 7

New in Worker 7.0
  • Support Linux environments
  • Run as a service on Mac and Windows.
  • Bit-by-bit verify file copies (in addition to calculating MD5 checksums)
  • Transcode mixed format sequences,
  • Support camera cards
  • Run Server plugins as actions

CatDV Worker 6.0

CatDV Worker 6 adds a wealth of new functions making workflow automations and integrations even more flexible, powerful and easy to deploy.

New in Worker 6.0
  • 64 bit and Yosemite support
  • ffmpeg support for transcodes and proxy creation
  • Other systems can easily update CatDV with CatDV XML2 and .cdv import
  • Usability improvements: filtering task lists, periodically update status etc
  • Actions can be imported and exported, making deployments easier
  • Metadata can be harvested and expanded from file and folder names
  • New timed actions can be scheduled based on the time and day

CatDV Worker 6 opens a wide range of new automation possibilities. CatDV Professional Services have deployed several Worker 6 workflows based on its new capabilities, for example:

  • Storage updates CatDV when files move or are deleted
  • Metadata can be replicated between separate CatDV servers
  • Telestream Vantage integration
  • Media Check In, and Check Out
  • Linked Metadata Fields: One field / button, sets multiple other CatDV fields
  • Powerful metadata extraction and expansion from file and path information
  • Custom Validation Rules
  • Automated, daily CatDV backups