CatDV Essential

Organizations are creating an ever growing volume of video, audio, and images, as they communicate and engage stakeholders. Managing this media, so it can be stored, and found, cost effectively, without drama is a challenge, even with small asset libraries.

Essential Media Management

CatDV Essential provides the essentials of media management: indexing, flexible tagging, logging, and search, with the best collaboration tools for media creators.

Designed to be cost effective for smaller teams, it is an essential complement to any new storage purchase.

  • Secured for up to 8 named users
  • Custom metadata / user field
  • Automated storage indexing
  • Web upload
  • Final Cut Pro X workflow extension
  • CatDV Adobe Panel:
    • Premiere Pro
      • Check In / Out
      • Sync Projects
    • After Effects
    •  Illustrator
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign
  • Simple Mac deployment
  • Simple configuration
  • Won’t randomly delete your data
  • Archive plugins available
  • Automated migration options
  • Capture metadata from file and folder names

Why CatDV Essential ?

As the industry pioneer, CatDV has become the market leader for creative Media Management and workflow automation. CatDV Essential provides the fundamentals of media management in a simple package, with pre-defined workflows for indexing and search, and much more:

CatDV’s indexer has probably the widest range of format support in the industry and includes complex, camera card formats: XDCAM, P2, RED, ARRI, ProRes, HEIF, MPEG2 and MPEG4 etc. A massive range of still formats, including some RAW types, and audio are also covered.

CatDV Essential benefits from CatDV’s world leading proxy generator: near zero configuration, fast, and with 10 decode engines for the widest support for video, audio and stills.

Content is indexed from existing or new storage, or uploaded and filed automatically with CatDV’s uploader.

Content creators can access the benefits of media management with CatDV’s web interfaces, our Final Cut Pro X workflow extension, and the CatDV Adobe panel (which supports Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign).

CatDV Essential takes your file and folder names and automatically converts them to searchable metadata, giving an immediate step up.

Here to Help

CatDV Essential comes with access to training materials, and preferential rates for CatDV University training. Every CatDV Essential deployment comes with assistance from the CatDV services team: making sure your deployment goes smoothly and you get benefits straight away.

We also have automated migration options from other platforms, spreadsheets etc.

Future Proof

We know that media management needs evolve and grow over time: teams want to share media and collaborate outside their workgroup, or their organisation.

CatDV Essential has a seamless upgrade to the larger CatDV systems: Enterprise and Pegasus. CatDV Essential also benefits from a range of connectors for archive workflows, both cloud and LTO.