What's new in CatDV

Enterprise Server 7 now with Web 2.2

and Web Advanced

  • New Live Logger
  • Frame Accurate Video Playback
  • Dynamic Sub-clipping and download
  • Share Groups of Clips
  • Coloured Metadata labels – great for review, online / archived status
  • Advanced Web Client with source and record rough cut editor
  • Web based Server Administration

CatDV 12

  • Streamlined user interface
  • Enhanced support for audio files, including wave form display, VU meters, and more audio tracks
  • Now operating independent of specialised video players
  • Unrivalled support for large installations

Advanced Adobe Premiere Panel

  • Search CatDV catalogues from within Adobe Premiere
  • New features include:
    • Keyboard navigation
    • Quick previews with frame accurate player
    • Edit and update metadata within the panel
    • Include more metadata fields when exporting to Premiere


Now Available Worker 7: Support Linux, Mac

and Windows Environments

  • Now runs as a service in Enterprise deployments
  • Remote monitoring for Worker Nodes
  • Graphical user interface for workflow design and config
  • New plug ins available: file path cleaner, Archivers for S3, Azure and Black Pearl, plus new analyser for PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files

CatDV Java Script Extensions

  • Making CatDV even more extensible and customisable
  • Java Script extensions enable:
    • Customised field validation
    • Set metadata based on other metadata
    • Sophisticated relationships between metadata fields e.g. show different actions for different sports such as goals and free kicks for soccer or touchdowns for American football.

Pegasus Server

  • CatDV Server with super fast Google style searching across millions of assets
  • Includes support for Oracle and MS SQL databases
  • Enhanced security and flexibility
  • Sophisticated asset usage statistics for reporting and auditing

“At Square Box Systems, we’re continually improving CatDV to keep it on the edge of MAM innovation for enterprises of all sizes. IBC2017 is the perfect opportunity for us to showcase the latest improvements, such as enhanced support for web and intranet deployments, the addition of cloud archiving, and support for Linux environments. We’re looking forward to showing prospects, partners, and customers why CatDV continues to lead the way in media asset management technologies.”

— Dave Clack, CEO at Square Box Systems