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Press Releases and News

News: CatDV welcomes Ryan Servant to the team !

Press Release July 2016: IBC2016 Show Preview


Press Release July 2016: QLS Archive Plug-In for Square Box Systems’ CatDV Now Integrated With Quantum Lattus Object Storage

TV Bay Article June 0216: Meeting the challenges of Media Asset Management

Press Release April 2016: Square Box Systems Introduces Major Upgrade to CatDV MAM System

QLSArchive Adopts the Lattus - New Technical Solution Brief

Press Release April 2016: Square Box Systems Launches Enterprise-Scale Pegasus Server

Press Release April 2016: Square Box Systems Introduces CatDV Archive to S3 Cloud

Press Release April 2016: Square Box Systems’ CatDV Now Integrated With Spectra Logic BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway

Press Release April 2016: Square Box Systems Announces Worker 7 

Press Release March 2016: NAB 2016 Show Highlights

Press Release December 2015: Avere and CatDV Enable Active Archives for Private Clouds

Press Release December 2015: CatDV for Latest Adobe Anywhere Launches

Reseller Article September 2015: DID Technology Stores Your Content

Press Release August 2015: CatDV Next-Generation MAM Systems Satisfy The Need for Speed and Scale at IBC 2015 (7.J15C)

Press Release April 2015: CatDV Debuts Enhanced MAM Support For Adobe Users At NAB 2015 (SL5025)

Press Release April 2015: CatDV Targets Large-Scale Enterprise MAM Users

Press Release April 2015: CatDV Next-Generation MAM Products And Services Launch at NAB 2015 (SL5025)

Find out all about our latest announcements for BVE 2015

See how we got on at Interbee 2014

Press Release November 2014: Square Box Systems And North Shore Automation Agree To Exclusive Sales Deal For Akomi Distribution MAM

Press Release Septemer 2014: New CatDV 11 and CatDV Web 2 deliver a step-change in easy media asset management

Press Release Septemer 2014: CatDV plays well with others as new technology integrations are announced

Press Release Septemer 2014: CatDV for Adobe Anywhere Launches

Announcements IBC 2014: IBC 2013 is announcing the release of CatDV 11, as well as announcing Web 2, Adobe Anywhere and Premiere Panels, as well as even more integrations.

Press Release April 2014: CatDV extends leadership in asset management partnerships

Press Release April 2014: CatDV boosts muscle-power in broadcast and cinema

Press Release April 2014: Superstar singers, body builders and energy giants manage precious assets with CatDV 

Announcements NAB 2014: NAB 2014 is announcing CatDV 11, Pegasus 11, new archive integrations plus the launch of the new web client in Server 6.9, updates to Pegasus 10.1 and improved pricing.

Newsletter February 2014:This CatDV newsletter focuses on integration with partner products and new functionality added to CatDV 10 since it launched … two of CatDV’s best features, as well as other exciting product announcements.

Newsletter Autumn 2013: This is a busy year for Square Box Systems. We are announcing an improved CatDV Web Client and improved cloud support, plus the CatDV Server API (for 3rd party integration and to make it easy to extend CatDV’s capabilities). In addition we have another new integration: with Newtek’s Tricaster and 3Play products, plus the addition of consent form functionality to CatDV. We have also launched CatDV Pegasus (including Avid 2-way integration), iPhone and iPad apps for browse and review and approve workflows plus the CatDV Web Services API.

Press Release: NewTek announce the integration of CatDV and their Tricaster line of live production products (13 September 2013)

Press Release: FileCatalyst announces integration of CatDV and their accelerated file transfer system. (13 September 2013)

Press Release: QStar Technologies announce integration between CatDV and their LTFS archive solution (13 September 2013)

Press Release: Square Box Systems signs distribution agreements with JB&A and SBM Distribution (15 July 2013)

Newsletter Spring 2013:It’s is an exciting time for Square Box Systems. We have just launched CatDV Pegasus: including Avid 2-way integration, CatDV web services: with sample search, approve, iPhone and iPad apps, simplified pricing and are fundamentally changing our support services: adding maintenance (including upgrades) and introducing dedicated support in North America.

Press Release: CatDV wins Queen’s Award for Industry: Innovation.