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CatDV and Spectra Logic – Black Pearl

An all-new integration of CatDV with Spectra Logic’s Black Pearl Deep Storage Gateway.

BlackPearl is a solution that enables users to easily store massive data forever and at virtually no cost.

With the new integration, CatDV users will be able to move content seamlessly from the CatDV MAM server to BlackPearl for long-term storage and archiving.

Join us Wednesday 1st June 2016 – 9.00am (PST) 12.00pm (EST) 5.00pm (GMT)

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All New – CatDV Pegasus Server

CatDV Pegasus Server, our brand-new, top-of-the-line server designed to meet the most demanding MAM requirements in the largest enterprise deployments. The Pegasus Server features an all-new, accelerated CatDV search engine for lightning-fast, Google-style searches across millions of assets. The new server also includes support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL databases, as well as robust analytics, reporting, and audit capabilities.

Join us Wednesday 8th June 9.30am (PST) 12.30pm (EST) 5.30pm (GMT)

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