It is now more important than ever to utilize existing content and enhance the searchable metadata and tags you have associated with them. AI is a great way to do this.

CatDV has added to its many tools to enrich your metadata from within the CatDV platform. Through existing partnerships with Google, Azure, and now Amazon AI, CatDV can transform your media workflows and help you make the most of your existing content.

Never before has it been so easy to analyze huge quantities of content in an automated way. Amazon AI for CatDV can scan images and videos to detect:

  • Labels (objects, scenes, colors, animals, etc)
  • Faces (including age range, emotion, features like facial hair, accessories like glasses)
  • Celebrity detection and tagging
  • Text (words, signs, titles etc)
  • Unsafe Images (marks suggestive or explicit sexual content or violent activity)
  • Technical Cues (detects color bars, scene changes, black frames and credit rolls)

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