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Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, December 04, 2015

– Square Box Systems (, leading developer of digital media asset management (DAM/MAM) systems, is launching CatDV for the latest version of Adobe® Anywhere, a powerful new upgrade supporting the Adobe Anywhere real-time collaborative editing platform.

CatDV for Anywhere makes CatDV’s powerful media management features available to the Adobe Anywhere platform, enabling content to be shared seamlessly across Adobe Anywhere productions and enabling a wide range of efficient production workflows. The new capabilities build on the robust technology integration between CatDV and Adobe Creative Cloud® that has helped Adobe Premiere® Pro CC editors to maximize creative productivity for several years.

“CatDV can now share sub-clips, sequences and markers, in addition to master clips, with Adobe Anywhere,” said Dave Clack, CEO at Square Box Systems. “This unlocks the full potential of both collaboration products: Adobe Anywhere with its ground-breaking collaboration capabilities, and CatDV with its flexible organization, search and re-use functions.”

Susan Skidmore, head of partner relations, professional video at Adobe said, “The new CatDV panel enables editors and broadcast professionals to find content and bring it into their Anywhere production, without leaving Premiere Pro CC. The latest update from Square Box adds value for Adobe Anywhere users by helping them simplify and streamline their workflows.”

Adobe Anywhere provides a collaborative environment where users can work simultaneously in shared productions with easy versioning and smart conflict resolution. Harnessing the powerful search, preview, tracking and media management features of CatDV, media can be seamlessly shared and managed in Adobe Anywhere productions directly from CatDV, or within Adobe Premiere Pro CC via the integrated CatDV control panel. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is included in Adobe Creative Cloud along with the latest versions of other Adobe production tools, such as Photoshop® CC, Adobe After Effects® CC, Illustrator® CC, and others.

The rich feature set in CatDV allows new Adobe Anywhere productions to be initiated together with CatDV assets from the CatDV desktop or web clients. Adobe Premiere Pro CC users can access CatDV via an elegantly integrated control panel to undertake powerful searches and previews. CatDV assets can be added to an Adobe Anywhere production at the press of a button. CatDV also tracks when media has been sent, making it easy for users to see which assets are being used and where.


About Square Box Systems: Square Box Systems is a privately-owned UK software company, specialising in media asset management and production workflow. Its popular CatDV application, launched in 2001, brings order to the chaos of media file management and enables content owners to more easily re-purpose and monetize their assets, via a powerful, user-friendly toolset and streamlined integration with a multitude of media workflow vendors. CatDV systems run on Mac and Windows platforms and are scalable from a single-user application to multi-user enterprise solutions, with convenient web and cloud-based capabilities. In 2012, Square Box Systems was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation, conferred by HM Queen Elizabeth II. CatDV has also won Creative Cow’s Blue Ribbon in 2010 for Best Asset Management Tool, and Videography Magazine’s Best Of NAB 2010 Vidy Award. CatDV is sold globally through a network of distributors and resellers providing local installation, consultancy and support.