NAB 2014 Announcements

New for NAB 2014 Square Box are announcing: 

catdv11CatDV 11, which is a major step forward in the on-going evolution of the CatDV product line with a new playback engine supporting many new formats (including native RED Epic and AVCHD), better support for large installations (global metadata fields), a 64-bit version, and the use of colored smart labels to make finding media even easier. The MXF option is also extended to include RED meta-clip support.

catdv11colourPegasus 11 also includes clip-level access control, enabling even greater levels of custom access. It also includes a new range of audit and reporting options to enable even more detailed record-keeping.

New Archive Integrations with Xendata and GB Labs Space. Complex MXF file types will also be supported across these archive integrations and the existing Quantum StorNext and ASG / Atempo products. New partner integrations from Sony Optical Disk Archive and Archiware are also shipping now.





New versions available and shipping now …

catdv11Server 6.9 improved web client and cloud support which further extends CatDV deployment options including public and private cloud. New functions include the upload and download of CatDV assets (source and proxy), the creation of cut lists and sub-clips, Final Cut XML export for simple integration with major NLEs, more sophisticated meta-data search tools, and improvements to playback and marker handling.

Pegasus 10.1 with support for 100s of shared fields between CatDV and Media Composer plus MD5 checksums and better Avid relinking.

CatDV Worker 5.1 with bulk edit capabilities, quick ingest and analyse later, plus MD5 checksums.

New Integrations. We’re adding to the already long list of integrations with CatDV. For NAB we are launching FileCatalyst content delivery, Sony Optical Disk Archive, Episode transcodes, Red transcodes, FocalPoint Server and writing metadata to source files (all documented on the Square Box web site).

Pricing Incentives. The web Customization option will be available free of charge with new CatDV sales and maintenance renewals, we’re adding an automation SKU for integrators with REST and Worker API access, a reduction in Pegasus pricing, plus short term Worker leasing for new installs.

One Month Free Maintenance customer registration of maintenance contracts (at now earn one month free of charge