Efficient production workflows are critical in these times where the increasing demand for high quality footage and tight deadlines mean time is precious.

As a leading Media Asset Management solution, one of CatDV’s strengths has always been its integration with the major video editing tools: saving time, money and stress in the production process.

The CatDV Premiere integration extends CatDV’s existing collaboration with Adobe Premiere Pro.

CatDV already supports dragging assets directly into an open Adobe Premiere Pro project. Also through the ‘Send to Premiere’ command CatDV can share sequences, clips, sub-clips, markers and metadata with Adobe Premiere Pro. Additionally, our previous CatDV Premiere Panel provided simple, textual searches from Adobe Premiere Pro itself.

CatDV Advanced Premiere Panel

The CatDV Advanced Premiere Pro content panel is a brand new development that adds powerful CatDV search and preview functions to Premiere Pro CC 2014 and above.

Finding the right shots has never been easier or faster.  The panel supports a wide variety of search mechanisms. Metadata and footage can also be previewed.

A license for the panel is included with each CatDV desktop (CatDV Pro, Enterprise or Pegasus) license and additional licenses can be purchased.

Adobe Premiere Pro

CatDV and Adobe® Anywhere for video

CatDV and Adobe Anywhere make an incredible combination. Anywhere provides a revolutionary production environment with all content centrally managed and streamed over the network. CatDV for Anywhere adds the power of CatDV media management to Anywhere: managing content seamlessly between CatDV, storage and Anywhere productions.

Adobe Anywhere users don’t need local content or even to know where content is located, so asset management across the organization becomes even more important.

Unlocking the Potential of Adobe Anywhere

  • Adobe Anywhere manages content creation
  • CatDV organises and manages the media and its storage

Adobe Anywhere provides an excellent, centralized platform for content creation. CatDV unlocks Anywhere’s potential to share and reuse media across the organization: enabling assets to be quickly found and repurposed, saving both time and money.

Workflow Flexibility

The flexibility of the CatDV for Anywhere integration opens a huge range of creative, production workflows. The two tools are ideal partner applications: Anywhere for its ground breaking production capabilities, CatDV to solve the perennial problem of “where’s my stuff?”.


CatDV for Adobe Anywhere includes the following components:

  • an advanced search panel for Adobe Premiere
  • CatDV extensions to add content to Anywhere Productions from CatDV web and desktop clients
  • automation workflows to manage content uploaded to Anywhere
  • CatDV catalogs the central media store and provides powerful search & retrieval capabilities.
  • CatDV manages storage, including movement of footage between storage tiers and to archive
  • A CatDV workflow notifies Anywhere when master media has moved offline (archived) or been deleted.
  • A CatDV panel for Adobe Premiere, brings CatDV search into the heart of Adobe Premiere, and brings CatDV content into Anywhere Productions.
  • CatDV extensions can send content into Anywhere straight from CatDV’s web and desktop clients.
  • A CatDV workflow can upload content via CatDV web clients that to be used within Anywhere.
  • A CatDV workflow recognizes and files media uploaded from Premiere clients.
  • Tracking in CatDV, recording which media is used in each Anywhere Production. This enables powerful archive workflows: ie archive (or restore) all media relating to an Anywhere Production


The CatDV Advanced Premiere Panel for Adobe CC requires CatDV Server 6.10 or newer.