CatDV Server 8.0 Release Notes

Thank you for downloading CatDV Server 8.0. This is designed for use with a CatDV Essential, Enterprise, or Pegasus Server license, as well as CatDV Pro 12.1 or later client licenses. See below for details of licensing requirements.

Copyright Notices

CatDV Server is copyright Square Box Systems Ltd.

This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (

IMPORTANT: You may install and use this software only in accordance with the terms of the enclosed software license agreement.


As well as these release notes there are four PDF user manuals enclosed:

Main Changes

CatDV Server 8 provides the central switchboard for the new push-notification system that sits at the heart of the next generation of CatDV products, including CatDV Pro 13 and CatDV Worker 8.

Push notifications allow different parts of the system to be immediately aware of changes made by another part of the system. For example:

This new approach allows all the components of a complex CatDV installation to work seamlessly together as a single cohesive entity.

Upgrade to MySQL 5.7

Server 8.0 requires MySQL 5.7 and the process to upgrade to this if you are currently on MySQL 5.6 or earlier isn't straightforward (especially if you are on Mac OS). In brief, the steps you need to follow are:

  1. Shut down the CatDV Server and back up your database(s) as they are not compatible with 5.7 and will need to be restored.
  2. Shut down the old MySQL server and archive then remove the old mysql files in /usr/local/mysql
  3. If you are on an older version of Mac OS (eg. Sierra 10.12) then go MySQL Archived Releases and download the latest version of 5.7 that is compatible with your operating system (eg. 5.7.23)
  4. When you run the MySQL 5.7 installer it will create and display a temporary root password. Make a note of this!
  5. Start up the MySQL server then log in with the temporary password and set a new password using:
    mysql -u root -pTEMPORARY_PASSWORD
    mysql> set password = password('NEW_PASSWORD') ;
    mysql> quit
  6. Restore your database(s) from your backup files
  7. Install CatDV Server 8.0 and launch the server control panel, which will prompt to update your database schema. Enter the new root password that you set when prompted.

If you are under maintenance we recommend you contact to schedule a guided upgrade.

Upgrading from Server 6

CatDV Server 7 introduced a new model for storing metadata, that replaced numbered user fields, stored in group-specific Field Sets, with a centrally held set of Field Definitions that apply across all Production Groups. To retain compatibility with older versions of CatDV each Field Definition also has a user field number (User 1, User 2 etc.), which is used when communicating with older versions of CatDV Desktop and CatDV Worker. These numbered user fields appear to legacy clients as a special 'All Fields' field set - that cannot be renamed or deleted.

Because of this major change to the way CatDV stores data - upgrading from CatDV Server 6 requires that the old database be migrated into the new format - a task that is performed by the CatDV Server Control Panel.

NOTE: You must ensure that all production groups use a named field set before upgrading to Server 7.1 or later. The Server 7 installation will refuse to continue if these conditions are not met and a rollback to Server 6 will be required. You can check this in the Production Groups list in the User Admin tab of the Server Admin Panel in CatDV 11.1.5 and later. Check that each Production Group in the list (other than System) has a value in the Field Set column.

Licensing Requirements

To use Server 8.0 or CatDV Web / REST interfaces you need a Workgroup, Enterprise or Pegasus Server license and be under a current software maintenance agreement. To use standard web / REST interfaces you will also need a CatDV Web Client license. To use custom CatDV web interfaces you need a CatDV Pegasus Server license. REST API access to CatDV configuration needs a REST Administration API license.

To deploy server plugins and remove the "uncertified plugin" warning message you may need a separate developer licenses, contact us for details.

Windows Installation


Double click the CatDVServer7.3xx.exe installer and follow the on-screen instructions. The Server Control Panel will launch on completion of installation and you can enter your license code, select the database engine, and configure the web interface. You can also access the Control Panel at any time via the Start menu.

Mac OS X Installation


Open the CatDVServer8.0xx.dmg file then double click the "Install CatDV Server.mkpg" installer and follow the on-screen instructions. The Server Control Panel will launch on completion of installation and you can enter your license code, select the database engine, and configure the web interface. You can also access the Control Panel at any time via the Start menu.

Linux Installation

The CatDV Server should run under most versions of Linux and Unix, though because of the large number of variants support is not officially guaranteed and you may need to edit some scripts or configuration files by hand. After unpacking the file you will see a READ ME FIRST.txt file and a basic installation script. Follow the instructions provided. By default the CatDV Server is installed in /usr/local/catdvServer.

Choice of database engine

By default, for new installations CatDV Server uses the built-in Java H2 database. This is not recommended other than for basic proof of concept testing however. Using the Setup Wizard in the Control Panel you can select any of the following database engines to better fit in with your existing infrastructure (for example, if you have a corporate Oracle or SQL Server license). When you select your desired database engine the setup wizard will offer to create a blank CatDV database if one does not already exist. If necessary, you can use the Migrate Database command in the Tools menu to import data from another existing database into the current database.

Version History

8.0.8 (4th March 2021)
8.0.7 (18th April 2020)
8.0.6 (30th January 2020)
8.0.5 (26th November 2019)
8.0.4 (14th October 2019)
8.0.3 (4th September 2019)
8.0.2 (24th June 2019)
8.0.1 (1st May 2019)
8.0.0 (5th April 2019)
7.4.3 (1st April 2019)
7.4.2 (4th March 2019)
7.4.1 (10th January 2019)
7.4.0 (19th November 2018) 13080
7.3.5 (11th December 2018)
7.3.4 (12th November 2018)
7.3.3 (5th September 2018)
7.3.3b1 (28 August 2018)
Interim build, awaiting full release notes, including fixes for the web interface, performing queries, and notifications.
7.3.2 (21 June 2018)
7.3.1 (18 June 2018)
Server Web Client
7.3.0 (23 April 2018)
Server Web Client
7.3b2 (6 March 2018)
7.3b1 (1st March 2018)
First public beta. Recent changes include:
7.2.5 (24th January 2018)
7.2.4 (16th November 2017)
7.2.3 (10th November 2017)
7.2.2 (20th October 2017)
7.2.1 (13th September 2017)
7.2.0 (21st August 2017)
7.2rc2 (4th August 2017)
Advanced Web Interface Standard Web Interface
7.2rc1 (12th July 2017)
Web Interface
7.2b4 (30th May 2017)
Web Interface
7.2b3 (9th May 2017)
Web Interface Admin Interface
7.2b2 (20 April 2017)
Added support for CatDV Desktop HTML Plugins. Web Interface improvements:
7.2b1 (31 March 2017)
Public beta of Server 7.2 with many significant improvements, especially in the web interface. New 'Advanced Web Interface', based on the same HTML5 technology as the Web 2 interface, replaces the old classic web interface. Combines the single-page design of the classic web interface with newer features inherited from Web 2 interface - including: - More complete support for customised views and panels as well as clip lists and search filters. - New "Source/Record" sequence editor that sits within the main page giving access to clip list for content selction. - Support for keyboard navigation of clips incuding support for JLK Jog/Shuttle to allow fast previewing of search result. - Create, edit and delete catalogs and drag clips from one catalog to another. New 'Live Logger' allows real-time logging of clips - including customisable shortcuts triggerable by both button and keyboard. New chat client allowing messages to be sent either to shared channels or to specific users. Notification Service allowing push notications of new chat message. Includes the ability to attach one or more clips to a chat message enabling simple ad-hoc workflows. Support for marker categories including displaying markers in the player timeline using colors defined by category. Subclips created in web client inherit parent clip's user fields. Downloading subclip media extracts relevant portion of original media file (only supported for MP4/H.264 files) Ability to create private or shared clip lists. Support for calculated fields. Linked simple picklists. Custom metadata on catalogs and markers. Shared links can control recipients download options. Custom JavaScript extensions - compatible with desktop client - allows bespoke UI behaiours to be implemented. New session monitoring page in admin section. More efficient storage and indexing of multi-select fields. Workspace option to hide login page logo and hide 'change password' menu item. Include media downloads in audit logs. File upload correctly handles duplicate filenames. Embedded web server now support AJP-13 protocol (for use with Apache front end web server). Numerous other fixes and minor improvements.
7.1.4 (27 January 2017)
Add support for downloading extracted subclip media. Add support for LDAPS. Fix incorrect range marker category. Fix database connection resource leak. Fix server error when processing empty media store paths Fix issue displaying and sorting by import date. Fix bug in sorting by certain colums. Fix various CatDV 12 compatibility issues.
7.1.3 (16 December 2016)
Fix issue where worker might report "Name should include colon followed by list of values" when encountering radio button fields. Fix error when saving field definitions from CatDV 12 when using built-in database. Fix server error in user-field date NEWER query. Fix issue migrating server 6 settings containing non-ASCII characters. Fix server error in classic web client Accept space after comma in list of ids in isOneOf queries. Fix 'not supported in workgroup server' error when fetching server commands - just return empty list. Fix bug where misc field group was being created in create field definition even if another field group was specified. Fix bug in MediaStorePath with paths that end in a separator failing to match. Stop excessive reloading when deleting multiple field in web admin.
7.1.2 (1 November 2016)
Fix an issue with the web simple search page. Fix to migration script affecting All Fields field set.
7.1.1 (21 October 2016)
Add 'change password' feature for local logged in users. Display Job Results in Job details view. Fix editing view set description moves view set to end of list. Shared links can share either proxy or original footage. User can download asset from view shared link page. Allow custom simple search forms using server plugin-API. Add option to create new clip list when adding clip to a clip list. Add 'Populate from Server' to Picklist editor. Fix broken clip type icon in detail panels. Add free-text filter to filter panel. Fix display of single field on its own on details tab. Fix marker controls not visible for sequences. Warn user before leaving a clip details page with unsaved changes. Implement mandatory fields in search forms and details panels. Make linked hiearchy controls display just last part of value (like desktop client). Fix display of formatted numerical fields (e.g. data rate) in views. Improve layout and functionality in All Fields screen and field editor. Improve performance of simple search forms. Fix display issues with very long text in nav tree. Fix deleting multiple view sets. Fix inacccessible control in Media Path browsing panel Fix editing of combined Rating/Type/GPS field Implement Field Definition 'data' field (used to store checkbox/radio button names and calculated field expressions). Fix issue creating catalogs in REST API. Fix issue mapping paths for Premiere Panel in mixed platform environment. Fix issue in path mapping when Media Store contains partially matching paths. Make metadata fields read-only by default. Wrap long marker names into description. Fix issue re-running rebuild-index and fix performance issue clearing old indexes. Fix performance issue with empty recyle bin on InnoDB. Fix issue creating subclips from web interface. Fix issue creating range markers in web interace. Add support for new field types. Plugin API enhancements - implement path mapping, extend event support to other controls, add disclosers to data table.
7.1.1b (14 Aug 2016)
Implement V3 of the server plugin API.
7.1.0 (11 July 2016)
Fix issue where very long running queries from desktop client could fail. Minor fixes/enhancements to process of creating placeholder clips via REST API. Minor UI improvements in web admin screens. Fix an issue where installer might not launch control panel on OS X 10.9.5.
7.1rc1 (27 June 2016)
Server 7.1 release candidate. Fix custom view column widths not being saved on server and extend sorting to more columns. Fix filtering by multi-value fields. Fix play button not visible on white poster image. Fix full-screen button not available for non-editable clips. Add support for multi-value fields in ACL rules. Fix issue in Server Plug-in API when running user field queries. Add facility to run server commands from view details page in Web 2. Various Web Client fixes including log in issue when running against Pegasus Server. Fix issue where user field values were imported as metadata fields when uploading media file. Fix for REST API multi-value field update and other issues. Facility to run LDAP queries in LDAP browser.
7.1b5 (23 May 2016)
Fixed a number of issues related to importing clips into Premiere via the Premiere Panel (complex media, and media with paths containing Unicode characters). Introduce simple dashboard view to display server and database statuses on server monitoring page. Fixes to Mac installer.
7.1b4 (18 May 2016)
Support for new new CatDV 12 field types. Fix config created in the web interface not being shared with desktop client. Fix a number of issues during data migration from previous server version. Fix filtering by catalog in web interface. Fix REST API XML metadata serialization. Improvements to theme editing and other minor fixes in web interface.
7.1b3 (12 May 2016)
New mechanism for defining custom themes through the web administration interface, eliminating the need to re-apply custom themes are each update. Removes dependency to system installed Java VM.
7.1b2 (5 Apr 2016)
Performance enhancements when loading/saving settings. Role-based visibility rules now correctly applied to desktop client. Add 'advanced' mode to field admin to allow merging/demergine field definitions. Other minor web UI fixes/enhancements.
7.1b1 (29 Mar 2016)
New, simpler system for managing the mapping between numbered user fields and global field definitions. All field definitions now have a single user field number, visible in the Web UI, used for all mapping to and from numbered user fields. A new 'All Fields' field set, which contains a unified set of all the user fields, allows the fields to be viewed and edited in the desktop clients.
7.0.7 (14 Mar 2016)
Fix a number of issues related to editing panels and views that have server-side visibility rules using the desktop client, which could cause either duplicate views/panels to be created or the visibility rules to be overwritten. Fix sorting in clip list. Fix problem with false-positive in deadlock detection which could cause server hangs. Fix picklists on built-in fields. Fix isse sending original media to Premiere using the Premiere Panel. Web 2.1 - Add separate download button on clip details page. Allow basket download to download proxy if original not available and include manifest in ZIP. Make displaying the most recently updated clips on start up an option - can display a configurable message instead. Make no results and loading messages larger and configurable. Fix bug where certain timecodes were displayed with fractional frames. Fix truncation of long text values in lists when column width manually overridden. Fix issue with multi-checkbox and multi-hiearchy controls when handling values not in picklist. Fix re-ordering in view/panels page. Add 'remember me' option to log in screen. Other minor fixes and UI improvements.
7.0.6 (1 Feb 2016)
Fix issues with MySQL 5.7 (error when restoring database, fix the default my.cnf that is installed). Fix error when publishing changes using the built-in H2 database. Fix an issue migrating from server 6 if there are no fields defined. Improve performance with a missing index. Improved support for Workgroup Server. Fix related to media paths in Premiere panel. Fix sorting of metadata fields in Technical tab of web interface. Other minor Web 2.1 and REST API fixes.
7.0.5 (15 Jan 2016)
Fix an intermittent "string index out of range" error when publishing changes. Fix missing default details panel in Web 2.1. Fix an issue export FCP XML from the web. Other minor fixes.
7.0.4 (27 Dec 2015)
Fix very slow queries when a large numbers of thumbnails exist in combination wit many subclips. Web 2.1 enhancements - select all clips, improved UI for managing panels, views and forms. Eliminate a number of potential XSS vulnerabilities. Add ability to define custom fields on Users. Pegasus Server adds capabilities including fast full text indexing and access control lists.
7.0.4b (2 Dec 2015)
Improved performance of REST Clip queries and greater control over what related objects are returned. Fix for migrating Server 6 systems with international characters in metadata schema. Pull CREATE TEMP table statements out of transactions to enable MySQL RID replication. Internal changes to prepare for next generation clients.
7.0.3 (18 Nov 2015)
Improved streaming performance. Support for MySQL 5.7. Fix for custom fields in upload form. HTML Summary Panels in Web 2.1. Delete multiple clips in Web 2.1. Other minor fixes.
7.0.3b (20 Oct 2015)
Fix an issue with license server when using Pegasus clients.
7.0.2 (19 Oct 2015)
Fix an issue with schema update script. Add Adobe Anywhere 3 support. Improvements to simple search. Other minor web 2.1 fixes.
7.0.1 (2 Oct 2015)
First official release. Update schema to 4.09. Support use of web client with workgroup server license. Other minor Web 2.1 fixes (editing locked fields, star ratings, handling missing thumbnails, etc.)
7.0.1b12 (21 Sep 2015)
Server 7 release candidate. Add support for multiple concurrent worker command line sessions. Minor Web 2.1 fixes.
7.0.1b11 (1 Sep 2015)
Update schema to 4.08. Fix certain "is blank" queries. Various REST API and Web 2.1 fixes.
7.0.1b10 (18 Aug 2015)
Server 7 changes: Support for full-text indexing (Pegasus Server only). Extend filters to all relevant built-in and user field. Downloading multiple files as a ZIP. Add concept of 'origin' for Field Groups (e.g. extracted from file metadata, user defined, defined by a plug-in). Handle too many connections by returning error code rather than throwing HTTP error (makes client handling easier). Preliminary support for Job Queue and access to Job queue through REST API. Preliminary support for per-clip AuditLog entries and access to AuditLog via REST API. Support legacy 'name=value' metadata queries properly. Other minor bug fixes. Web 2.1 changes: Implements previously unsupported field types in Web 2 (Rating/Type/Geotag, broken out format fields like Audio Channels and Frame Rate, Event Markers in addition to time-line view). Single field on a tab takes over whole tab. Play all clips in a basket one after another. Improve UI for editing permissions. Format numerical fields properly (Kb/Mb/bps etc.). Hide blank metadata fields in default view. Upload Files now separate window. More friendly error handling for bad log in and licenses exceeded. Bug fixes including picklist not populating on arrow click, incorrect custom checkbox label, Hide If Blank not working, auto-generated default Log Notes panel not populating.
7.0.1b9 (13 Jul 2015)
Web 2.1 changes: Updated query support to allow (A or B) and (C or D) type queries and use that to fix filter implementation. Expose linked field definitions in REST API to support linked fields. Implement hierarchy and linked hierarchy fields. Allow column width to be specified in custom views. Other changes: Fixed issues with case insensitive uniqueness constraint causing constraint violations on metadata fields, date queries where non-valid dates exist in database, and SQL Server full-text indexing (and added support for MySQL full text indexing but currently not turned on). Update schema to 4.06.
7.0.1b8 (22 Jun 2015)
Web 2.1 including web workspaces, web based administration of fields, panels, users and groups, support for Upload Forms and Search Forms, clip lists and basket actions, link sharing, and much more. Bug fixes, including issue with duplicated views, database fixes, etc. Update schema to 4.05.
7.0.1b7 (20 Apr 2015)
Fix issues related to upgrading the schema when using the built-in H2 database. Change Web 2 to correctly handle editing a clip where the value of a field isn't currently in the pick list.
7.0.1b6 (3 Apr 2015)
Web 2 changes (views are properly configurable and grid view supports text to the right, clicking on a clip automatically opens it, use Select button to select multiple clip; ability to create clip lists or baskets and perform actions on them; ability to define web workspaces and configure 'Any simple field' instead of 'Any logging field' for quicker general searches). Automatically rotate the server log every day and fix the location of log files. Changes to server config are applied immediately without needing to restart the server. Update schema to 4.03. Fix an issue returning import source fields. Fix an issue where media metadata fields weren't always saved. Fix an issue sending metaclips from the Premiere Panel. Improve performance and fix out of memory error that could occur with certain queries.
7.0.1b5 (13 Mar 2015)
Incorporate Web 2 and Premiere panel fixes from 6.10.1. Fix issue with migration task. Fix issue when doing fresh install. Update schema to 4.02 and speed up house keeping.
7.0.1b4 (27 Feb 2015)
Update schema to 4.01 (change keys on clipField, sourceMediaField etc.). Fix issue with migration task and picklist values. Support backing up and restoring MySQL database if database name is something other than 'catdv'.
7.0.1b3 (25 Feb 2015)
Web 2 and REST API fixes including change clip so it uses separate catalog object and fix FCP XML export to work with new markers. Fix saving media metadata. Control panel class path fixes and to allow backing up database if MySQL is on a different machine. Other fixes.
7.0.1b2 (13 Feb 2015)
Second beta release, with fixes and improvements and updated server documentation.
7.0.1b1 (1 Feb 2015)
Initial private beta release of Server 7.
6.10.2 (19 June 2015)
Web 2 fixes (support files larger than 2GB, pick lists should handle existing values which aren't in drop down list). Database fixes (better reporting of conflicting edits, protect against MSSQL deadlocks, better handling of badly formatted dates). Fix related to P2 metaclips in Premiere panel. Allow LDAP user query to be customised.
6.10.1 (13 March 2015)
Fix settings issue with Web 2 which caused Smart Folders not to appear in navigation tree and user fields not to appear in the search builder field drop down. Allow Premiere panel to connect to workgroup server. Fix issue with aspect ratio of certain clips sent to Premiere.
6.10.0 (13 February 2015)
First public release of CatDV Web 2. Many web changes, including deployment to external Tomcat installation if required, improved support for older browsers (IE8), multiple clip selection, media/proxy path download links, and compatibility with Workgroup server. Other fixes related to user defined date fields, export of FCP XML files, LDAP Open Directory support, and performing the same query twice in succession sometimes returning old cached results.
6.9.6 (21 Nov 2014)
Fix an issue with missing driver in Windows control panel. Fix inadvertent dependency on Java 1.7, plus minor REST and web fixes.
6.9.5 (29 Oct 2014)
REST API fixes (to support Premiere plugin panel enhancements), make log file less verbose, update web interface for Java 1.8 compatibility
6.9.4 (10 Oct 2014)
Retry failed db operations. Web changes. Fix related to data migration task. Update version of mariadb driver. Fix empty recycle bin command in control panel.
6.9.3 (5 Sept 2014)
Upgrade embedded H2 database to 1.3.174. Performance improvements when adding new clips to a catalog and opening a clip list. Various REST query fixes. Data migration tool displays progress bar. Add support for bulk update of fields via web client. Allow cross-domain REST API calls. Improved permissions checking in web client. Better error reporting if server fails to start. Other minor fixes.
6.9.2 (2 June 2014)
REST API changes to allow updates of multiple clips. Fix error that is sometimes displayed when first installing CatDV database. Create a log file for the control panel. Web client defaults to HTML5 video if QuickTime plugin is unavailable.
6.9.1 (14 May 2014)
Fix "unknown attributeId" error when viewing certain smart folders. Fix certain web searches including Unicode characters. LDAP fix related to recursive group memberships. Allow http url for webclient.logo. Allow time expiring links.
6.9.0 (3 Apr 2014)
First public release. Fix issue with Unicode characters in file paths and in log file.

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