The worker node configuration is stored in an xml file. Normally the configuration file is edited via the worker user interface but it is also possible to edit this file directly.

The configuration file has both common definitions, such as the IP address of the CatDV workgroup server to which clips are published, and one or more workset definitions which contain lists of watch folders and actions to perform on files that appear in them.

The configuration file is called worker.xml and is in the home directory of the user running the woker software (eg. /Users/joesmith or C:Documents and Settingsjoesmith).

In normal use the config editor will be used to edit the worker node configuration. There may be situations when it is useful to edit the config file manually however, so the file format is documented below.

For example, the following configuration file implements a Drop Box folder on the desktop where any movie files are converted to MPEG-4 files and are then deleted. Scene detection is applied (a separate MP4 file is create for each scene) and the clips are published to the “AutoPublish” catalog on the server. Any JPEG images in the drop box are also published to the server and moved to the Images folder.


<server host=”localhost:1099″ reguser=”Joe Smith” regcode=”ZVAD-…-7VKC” />

<format name=”My MPEG4 settings” exporter=”mpg4″ settings=”*mpg4++++++++++%01+++%04%B7sean+++%01+++%14++++++%01%9Evide+++%01+++%0F+++++++%22sptl+++%01++++++++mp%3++%20++%03++++%20tprl+++%01 …”/>

<workset lockfile=”/Users/joesmith/workset.xml”>

<watch folder=”/Users/joesmith/Desktop/Drop Box” recurse=”true” period=”60″ settle=”300″ fileOp=”delete” pattern=”*.mov” regex=”false”>

<job name=”Custom mp4″ publish=”true” catalog=”AutoPublish” thumbSize=”2″ analyseOther=”true” >

<convert dest=”/Users/joesmith/Desktop/MPEG4″ destName=”parent” format=”My MPEG4 settings”/>


<watch folder=”/Users/joesmith/Desktop/Drop Box” recurse=”true” period=”60″ settle=”300″ fileOp=”delete” pattern=”*.jpg”>

<job name=”Publish jpg” publish=”true” catalog=”AutoPublish” thumbSize=”3″ fileOp=”move” fileDest=”/Users/joesmith/Desktop/Images”/>




As this example illustrates, it is possible to configure the worker node to automatically delete files in the watch folder after they have been processed (as this may form a valid part of the workflow). Take great care therefore when configuring such workflows, and make sure the root of the watch folder is set correctly!