As an alternative to the full generic Web Client described above you can use the following URL to display a simpler, read-only interface:


(As before, the exact address may be slightly different on your system, depending on how the web application was deployed.)

In the simple interface, the window is divided into a results panel on the right hand side, showing the currently matching clips, while details of the selected clip are shown on the left. Initially a list of the most recently modified clips on the server is shown, unless you enter keywords and press Enter to search for matching clips, or press the magnifying glass button to perform an advanced query.

Select a clip from the right hand panel by clicking on it to view it in detail. If the clip is playable, clicking on the thumbnail will play the movie. Initially a summary of the clip is shown but you can click on the disclosure triangle to display additional metadata for the clip.

To navigate from one clip to other related clips (for example, from the same catalog or of the same format) click on the right arrow (alongside the catalog name etc.) and the result list will be updated. You can click on the browser ‘Back’ button to move back to the previous clip.

If you don’t log on and the “allow anonymous access” option is checked in the server config control panel, then clips that are accessible to anyone, ie. that belong to the ‘anonymous’ group will be shown.